Meeting the May 18, 2011 OMB Deadline for Compliance and Enforcement Data-Sharing Plans

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Savan Group announces a unique and cost-effective solution for Federal Agencies working to meet the May 18, 2011 deadline for developing plans to make public information concerning regulatory compliance and enforcement activities accessible, downloadable, and searchable online.

Proactive effort up-front, in collaboration with Savan Group, will ensure that your Agency’s compliance and enforcement data-sharing plan is comprehensive, tailored, and flexible enough to support your agency’s broader strategic goals.

Today, Savan Group, a leading management and information technology consultancy, is announcing it has developed a novel and cost-effective solution for Agencies working to meet the impending May 18, 2011 deadline for data-sharing plans.

President Obama detailed those new requirements in a January 18, 2011 memorandum (76 FR 3825) in which he directed all agencies with broad regulatory compliance and administrative enforcement responsibilities to develop plans to make public information concerning their regulatory compliance and enforcement activities accessible, downloadable, and searchable online within 120 days.

Savan Group will help Agencies recognize this requirement as a unique opportunity to support the Administration’s efforts to promote a more transparent and open government. Equally importantly, Agencies can use this opportunity to evaluate, organize, and present their compliance and enforcement data to better support the following strategic
management objectives:

*Strengthen Performance Management Systems – clear, comprehensive, and searchable compliance and enforcement data allow senior leaders to better allocate human and financial resources; enforcement efforts can be tracked to goals and objectives outlined in strategic plans; and more targeted enforcement work will reduce risks and hazards.

*Elicit Greater Cooperation from Stakeholders – transparent and accessible compliance and enforcement data has the potential to level the playing field among regulated entities, ensuring those that fail to comply with the law do not have an unfair advantage over law-abiding competitors.

*Improve Trust and Communication with the Public – today’s government is obligated to ensure the public has the best information possible to guide consumer choices and personal safety decisions; likewise, your stakeholders demand and deserve the opportunity to gauge the effectiveness of your enforcement and compliance work. In turn, with an informed public as a partner, agencies can continue to improve the quality of enforcement and compliance work.

*Promote Collaborative Government – the President’s goal of shared responsibility for certain enforcement work and reductions in redundant functions is achievable if the enforcement and compliance data that is shared is comprehensive and actionable.


To deliver on the Administration’s goals of increasing transparency and collaboration while complying with requirements related to public disclosure of information, Savan Group—a SBA 8(a) consultancy—will help your Agency develop a compliance and data-sharing plan that describes processes for disclosing all relevant inspection, enforcement, review, warning, citation, and revocation data. Through a fast-track review of existing business rules, processes, and systems, we will help you define a strategy for ensuring that your data is searchable, available in real-time, transparent, accurate and reliable, and secure. With the objective of providing information that is useful in developing strategies, growing partnerships, leveraging resources, and gaining public trust, the Savan Group approach will focus on identifying the current methods your Agency uses to collect, maintain, process, and report information to the public.

To finalize the plan, we will consult with relevant Agency officials to identify planned compliance and data-sharing activities for making information related to regulatory compliance and enforcement activities accessible, downloadable, and searchable online. As a baseline for our work together, we will ensure that the plan your Agency develops a plan that identifies strategies for protecting personally identifiable
information (PII), law enforcement data, sensitive data, and on-going investigative data. Specifically, Savan Group will ensure that your plan includes provisions related to the following key areas of concern:

*Accessibility – Section 508 compliance and foreign language translation.

*Security – Privacy Act (5 U.S.C. Section 552a) requirements and confidentiality of requests for access to prevent potential retaliation.

*Streamlining – Paperwork Reduction Act (44 U.S.C. Section 3501-3520) requirements and Government Performance and Accountability Act (GPRA) requirements.

Key Benefits

With a plan for making public information concerning regulatory compliance and enforcement activities accessible, downloadable, and searchable online, your Agency can improve cross-Agency collaboration, refine performance management measures to meet recently-updated GPRA requirements, and forge lasting partnerships with stakeholders and your regulated public.

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