NonStopWeb to the Rescue: iSpaces Launches Virtual Desktop

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iSpaces is a free multi-desktop cloud computer that provides fast, persistent NonStopWeb to simplify your digital life--you'll never want to leave!

“iSpaces is designed for everyone who wants to simplify their digital life” Dermot Doherty, Founder

iSpaces™ IT Ltd., a virtual high-tech company, launched its free cloud computer today, introducing the new face of personal computing. Offering a unique Web 'browser within a browser' called CloudBrowser,™ users can log in and out of iSpaces from multiple computers without having to reopen their Web applications, tabs, and online documents.

iSpaces provides Web persistence, called NonStopWeb™, which saves the state of a users interface to the cloud. Delivered in a Web browser, installation is not required. Users simply create an account at and have instant access to a virtual desktop from any Windows or Linux computer (available on Mac soon).

“I guess I would qualify as a “cloudie” since I spend so much of my time using a variety of Web apps, including 6 different E-mail accounts, Google Calendar, SalesForce, QuickBooks, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on. I normally have 4-5 Chrome windows open simultaneously, each with 5 or more tabs," said Guillermo Söhnlein, CEO of OceanGate and co-founder of iSpaces. "Before iSpaces, I would have to either lug around my laptop or re-open each window/tab on my home, work, and travel computers. Now that I use iSpaces all I need is an Internet connection and NonStopWeb keeps all of my work persistently available. I now live completely untethered while still staying connected."

“iSpaces is designed for everyone who wants to simplify their digital life,” said Dermot Doherty, the company’s founder and chief technology officer whose inspiration grew from his own frustration with the limitations of available technology.

Born out of his need to have access to all his open tabs and Web applications from any computer, iSpaces provides a free virtual desktop available to everyone.

“I often work from multiple computers and was tired of wasting time logging in and out of various Web applications. I wanted to create a technology that made my digital life easily accessible and persistent. iSpaces is a whole new breed of technology, it's part computer, part OS, part desktop and part browser. I call it a cloud computer,” said Mr. Doherty. “Welcome to the future of computing.”

Why iSpaces Soars Above the Rest in the Cloud

Key benefits of iSpaces:
NonStopWeb – provides unique persistence technology that remembers all your open browser windows and tabs.
CloudBrowser – “browser in a browser” gives access to the web and all your web-apps.
Multiple desktops (Spaces) – provides freedom & flexibility to arrange windows in desired groups that suit your life flow
Easily accessible, secure, lightweight and fast.
Free and simple to use – all you need is an Internet connection
Available on WindowsXP, Windows 7, and Linux (Mac coming soon)
Optimized for Google Chrome (more browsers coming soon)

Cloud computing: a paradigm shift
The concept of “cloud computing” has been in the works for years, but gained its current moniker more recently, with “the cloud” serving as a metaphor for the Internet. In essence, Internet-based (cloud) computing permits shared resources, software, and information to be delivered on-demand and offers numerous benefits, including greater agility, accessibility, reliability, scalability, maintenance, security, and lower costs. Big players such as Amazon and Google have been creating vast cloud computing infrastructure, which has paved the way for a virtual desktop to become a reality.

iSpaces is helping to transform the way individuals access their personal data and preferred applications, by putting a cloud computer into the hands of anyone who has Internet access—for free.

Founded in 2009 by software engineer Dermot Doherty and his wife, Sunne Justice, iSpaces™ is incorporated in Ireland and is a true virtual company with consultants and investors from around the world. iSpaces is a cloud computer -- your virtual desktop that runs in WindowsXP, Windows 7, and Linux. Providing a free, multi-desktop cloud computer, iSpaces is fast and offers persistent NonStopWeb™. With minimal effort and time, iSpaces will simplify your digital life.


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