Startup Releases Qyo, a New Search Engine Interface Offering an Advance on Google and Bing

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Qyo allows users to share their search queries with friends in real time. Introduces a new interface for web search by integrating human engagement and collaboration within online search.

Fundamentally we recognized that a better search engine isn’t a better algorithm, but effortless real-time human engagement and collaboration within search

Pravega Inc. has announced the launch of Qyo (, a new search service that aims to transform the web search experience. Qyo is a search query sharing service that allows users to see what their friends are searching for and share their own search queries with friends in real time. According to initial users the product allows tremendous new applications and use cases which can dramatically change the way people search on the web.

The product was inspired by the realization that current search models failed to leverage the power of collaborative information discovery and the knowledge and expertise of people with specialized experience in relevant areas. For instance, programmers would often find solutions to coding problems much faster when searching in pairs, as they could collaborate to get to the solution faster. Similarly, it’s far more efficient to get answers to some questions directly from friends, than run endless searches on sites like Google. While there has been much talk of collaborative and social search, according to the company, Qyo is the first product that realizes it in a simple elegant design.

“Fundamentally we recognized that a better search engine isn’t a better algorithm, but effortless real-time human engagement and collaboration within search", says Gaurav Bazaz, the founder of Qyo. “Major search engines such as Google and Bing have so far failed to integrate the power of human engagement within search, in spite of repeated attempts at integrating the so-called social layer. Google’s latest rumored attempt, Google Circles, also apparently fails to integrate this capability”, he adds.

Qyo is a simple product with a two panel interface, where users type search queries into the one panel and receive web results in the same panel, while their queries are shared with their network in the other panel. Users can see searches run by their friends, and help their friends in their research by adding their own answers and knowledgeable inputs within the same interface. Searches run by friends appear in real time in a social stream format within Qyo, allowing for spontaneous collaboration and knowledge sharing. Users can also keep searches private wherein search queries are not shared and can also share queries anonymously. In addition, Qyo’s Query Commands concept allows users to easily control how each query is run in very precise ways, from within the search box. For instance, users can control their choice of backend search engine, results type (Image, Video, News etc.) and whether to run in private or shared mode by just adding a couple of characters to their query.

“Search queries carry tremendous information about what people are doing, planning to do, looking for, interested in, learning about, working on and so on. All of this information content of search queries has tremendous value in a socially shared context which is currently left untapped by the likes of Google. Qyo harnesses this information content to create a new platform for knowledge-rich social interactions, while giving users complete control over privacy”, adds Mr. Bazaz.

According to the company, Qyo allows for a vast number of potential applications. Researchers working on projects, students working in teams, programmers looking for answers to coding problems, people researching products they are planning to buy, among others. For instance, a user might research a trip to Australia. A friend who has been there sees his searches in her Qyo stream, and responds within Qyo offering her tips and recommendations, saving the user many hours of work. Similarly, a journalist might be researching a story on the New York real estate market. A friend with deep knowledge of the market sees her searches on Qyo and offers to share his inputs.

Qyo is currently available in beta for general users. Users can sign up and invite friends at

About Qyo
Qyo is the world’s first search query sharing system which allows for social information discovery and real-time collaborative search. Qyo is a subsidiary of Pravega Inc. The company is based in San Jose, CA. For more information:

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