Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is Now the Most Active Name on Fastnote.com

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Positive notes to Governor Walker outnumber negative notes by 3:1

Fastnote is the opposite of Twitter. Twitter is from one to many. Fastnote is from many to one – from anyone to a specific person. It’s like being able to read someone’s public inbox.

Fastnote.com is a new microblogging website where users can write civil, anonymous notes to anyone, and those notes are posted publicly where everyone can read them.

The most active name on Fastnote had consistently been President Barack Obama, since the public launch of the website in December 2010. Other active names have been those in and around Charlotte, NC, where Fastnote was founded.

However, when the recent Wisconsin political battles hit the national press, people from all of the country started to post notes to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on Fastnote. Since March 1, over 1,500 notes and comments have been posted to Governor Walker's Fastnote page, and the majority of those notes have been positive, in support of Governor Walker.

“In some respects, Fastnote is the opposite of Twitter,” explained Richard Shaffner, the founder of Fastnote. “Twitter is from one to many. Fastnote is from many to one – from anyone to a specific person. It’s like being able to read someone’s public inbox.”

In this case, it's like being able to read Scott Walker's public inbox.

Fastnote was also designed to promote “the voice of the people.” Accordingly, it offers several different ways to analyze data about the notes and note writers. For example, the notes are marked by each writer as positive, negative, suggestion or other, and that data is summed for each person.

So far, most of the notes to Scott Walker have been positive, even when viewed several different ways:

  •     Overall, 53% of the notes to Scott Walker have been positive, and only 18% have been negative. (The rest are marked as suggestions or other.)
  • Fastnote also displays the “Active” notes, which are just the most recent notes from each writer. (This approach disregards multiple notes from the same writer.) On that basis, 61% of the notes are positive, and 18% are negative.
  • The results are similar when looking at Active notes specifically from writers in Wisconsin: 57% are positive and 22% are negative.

Is there bias in these numbers? “Not by design,” says Shaffner. “We’ve promoted Fastnote generally to the public and advertised it to a broad market on Facebook and Google.”

In contrast, the Fastnotes to President Obama are more evenly split. Of those notes, 28% are positive, 30% are negative, and 36% are suggestions. “That’s a good indicator that our user base is not skewed too much to the left or right,” Shaffner said. “It also suggests that more people simply have more positive things to say to Governor Walker.”

About Fastnote:
Fastnote.com is America’s newest forum for sharing your point of view with politicians, policy makers, professors, your boss, or anyone else you’d like to share your opinion with. Fastnote is different from all other social media sites, in that users can add anyone’s name to Fastnote and immediately post civil, anonymous notes to them. Fastnote, LLC is a privately held company. Richard Shaffner serves as President and has a 30 year career in marketing and private equity.



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