Squinkies are Invading Australia -- Prepare, Pre-Order

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Squinkies - adorable "squishy" toys that have taken America by storm are now coming to Australia.

They are so popular in the U.S. that Walmart completely sold out within the first couple of week

Squinkies, the adorable “squishy” character toys, have taken America by storm, and now they have arrived in Australia. Available at playdex.com.au, these fun, collectible toys are all the rage. However, Squinkies lovers need to move fast! They are so popular in the U.S. that Walmart completely sold out within the first couple of weeks. These marvelous little toys are a gigantic trend and are obviously here to stay.

These lovable, tiny pencil toppers are just full of surprises. Kids love to name them, swap them and search for the rare ones to make their collections more valuable and unique. American kids even have Squinkies swap meets where they gather together to swap and admire one another’s characters! Squinkies are endearing little toys made from silicone in fantasy images of people and animals. While not exactly erasers, they fit perfectly on the end of a #2 pencil and add hours of decorative entertainment. They can also stand on their own when not on the end of a pencil.

These playthings are currently America’s current favorite. They come in little capsules that sometimes contain rings, bracelet links or other toys, and are completely addictive. They have eleven play set and accessory options and are priced to accommodate even a child’s budget, so saving allowances to get them is a great goal. They can be purchased separately or in multiple bubble packs with up to 16 in one pack. The detail and whimsy inherent in each piece is completely endearing and allows each child’s imagination to run free. It is no wonder they are such a hit.

The wide array of colorful accessories is not to be believed. The Squinkies Gumball Surprize! Playhouse is one of the most popular. It has a gumball dispenser that works just like an ordinary gumball machine. The children place their dimes in the slot, turn the crank and little characters in hard plastic capsules come rolling down the chute. Open the play set , and even more imaginative play is possible. Children are always delighted at what they find, such as a fairy sitting at a table enjoying a cupcake! An added bonus is the fact that each and every play set comes with even more of the pliable little characters.
There are three additional dispenser cases in various themes such as Bake Shop and Tea Party.

The Share N Wear Jewelry Surprize kits are very popular. These are themed accessory kits that allow children to transform their adorable little characters into ring and bracelet charms that can be changed over and again. These delightful toys also have four different Squinkies Jewel Case Surprize! Cases. The cases are a selection of jeweled cases that are individually themed and each one comes with a different surprise. They are all meticulously detailed and festively colored.

The characters come in numbered series in bubble pack collections. There are hundreds of the addictive tiny pencil toppers from which to choose. There is always a soft and “squishy” surprise inside each one. No one knows what it will be until the plastic bubble is opened and out comes a big eyed character.

There are certain characters in each series that are manufactured in limited numbers only. This makes collecting them all the more exciting. Some children dedicate their collections to only the animals, while others collect nothing but the ones that are shaped like human beings. However, the most popular collections of all are the ones that have both animal and human characters. They are all brightly colored and uniquely attractive, with soft, rounded lines. Some of the cats wear crowns and some of the girl characters come with cute pigtails. The only things they all have in common are their great big, happy eyes.

Children can display their Squinkies collections in the charming Palace Surprize! The palace consists of four circular discs where the children can line up their little characters. Closed, the palace resembles a tall purple and pink cake. Opened, the layers swing out to make free-form shapes that can be changed when the mood strikes. Either open or closed, the pencil toppers stay put and look awesome . The Jewel cases can also serve as display platforms for the toys.    

Get ready Australia, Squinkies are coming!


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