Best Crysis 2 Multiplayer Strategy Guide Takes the FPS Gaming World by Storm -- Zobias Crysis 2 Strategy Guide

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Crysis 2 features some new concepts like the nanosuit armor, stealth, and power modules in FPS gaming. Knowing good strategies in Crysis 2 multiplayer will enable players to really enjoy the game, and will also allow them to dominate Crysis 2. The newly released Zobias guide shows gamers the best tactics in multiplayer.

Crysis 2 is one of the most anticipated games this 2011. Even during the multiplayer demo, lots of gamers are looking for good strategies to give them an edge over their opponents. With lots of people playing Crysis 2, the level of competition in multiplayer is fierce.

A new guide, Zobias guide at, answers the need for a comprehensive Crysis 2 multiplayer strategy guide. Zobias Strategy Guide is made by FPS gamers for all Crysis 2 players. Their team of dedicated and passionate gamers worked hard to provide the best information, tactics, and strategies for players to dominate each FPS game.

Zobias Crysis 2 strategy guide is a highly-rated guide by serious FPS gamers. The players that got this guide confirmed that they were satisfied by the tactics shown by Zobias.

Below are more details of the information inside the member's area :

1. Skills guides - This section of Zobias teaches the correct FPS principles. By following these, players will drastically improve their gameplay. The sub-guides include :
-Movement guide
-Hunting & tracking guide
-Weapon selection guide
-Sniping guide
-Map Analysis guide

2. Teamwork guides - A solid teamwork will make each multiplayer game more enjoyable. This section of Zobias Crysis 2 guide teaches how to achieve a high level of cooperation among your squad members. The sub-guides include :
-Communication and teamwork
-Selecting a team to join
-Creating your own team

3. Core Crysis 2 Game Guides - This section teaches all about the features of Crysis 2 which is a game changer. Different player classes, game modes, and more are discussed in the guides. Good combinations of nanosuit modules and weapons are shown also here. The sub-guides are :
-Nanosuit Module - Know how to use armor, cloak, and power effectively.
-Weapons Guide - Learn the right weapon to use, and the modules upgrades that works best with some weapon.
-Detailed Map Strategy Guide - Zobias highlights the specific map guides since it contains important strategies and tactics that players need for each game.
-Energy Guide - Running out of energy will result in being neutralized by enemies fast. Knowing when to use energy is necessary.

All FPS & Crysis 2 elite gamers know that there is a certain level of skill to become one of the best players. Thanks to Zobias, people now have access to information needed to dominate Crysis 2 in just a short time. Go to for more information.


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