Hidden in Plain Sight, a Book by New Author Wayne B. Bowman, Examines the Catechism and Traditions of the Catholic Church

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New author and former catholic Wayne B. Bowman, takes an in-depth look at the contents of the catechism and traditions of the Catholic Church and seeks truth through historical information and scriptural study in Hidden in Plain Sight: Catechism Versus the Bible.

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By exploring these details, I hope to facilitate people opening their minds, changing their life and handing it over to God in an honest and refreshing way

In Hidden in Plain Sight: Catechism Versus the Bible, new author and former catholic Wayne B. Bowman guides readers on a spiritual journey in examining the catechism and traditions of the Catholic Church in an effort to expose components that are not biblical and offering readers a chance to change their lives for God.

To author this eye-opening book, Bowman steeped himself in intense scriptural study and historical scrutiny to arrive at the truth. What he discovered is that the contents of the Catholic Catechism and tenants of Catholic traditions are not rooted in the Bible. He points to certain rituals, such as praying to Mary and other icons, the concept of original sin, infant baptisms, and more that are not congruent with biblical and historical accuracy.

Hidden in Plain Sight is the result of Bowman’s transfer from focusing on the Roman Catholic Catechism to the teachings of the Bible and in detailing this change, he encourages others to do the same and take on their own analysis.

“By exploring these details, I hope to facilitate people opening their minds, changing their life and handing it over to God in an honest and refreshing way,” points out Bowman. “This book documents my personal testimony and the dramatic changes I made in my own life based on the truth.”

“Brother Bowman’s firm commitment to the sole authority of the Bible; his strong defense of baptism as a salvation event; and the spirit of sincerity, enthusiasm, and urgency with which he presents his material are the things I really like about this book. The book comes across as a strong testimony to his faith and to his experience of liberation from a false religious system,” states Dr. Jack Cottrell, Author and Professor of Theology, Cincinnati Bible Seminary in support of Bowman’s book.

“This book Hidden in Plain Sight is Wayne Bowman’s personal testimony as to the impact the Scriptures made on him and the dramatic change it made in his life. It came as the result of the transfer of his focus from the Roman Catholic Catechism to the contrasting teaching of the Bible.

His passion for sharing the great truth he found in the Word of God has prompted him to challenge others to a similar study. His passion is also revealed in his mixed style of documentation and preaching. This is prompted by his background. The contradictions he found between the catechism and the Bible were disturbing, and this convinced him that he and many others had been misled and kept uninformed.

He digresses in a portion of the book to apply the same principles to many of the doctrines of Protestant denominationalism.

At the conclusion of the book there is a more precise recapitulation in the form of questions and answers. Throughout the book, and especially in the recapitulation, he gives excellent documentation from both the catechism and the Bible, strongly emphasizing the Scriptures as the Holy Spirit inspired and authoritative Word of God, and as such, the only and all sufficient rule for both faith and practice.

Those with inquisitive minds, who are concerned with truth, will find “Hidden in Plain Sight” informative reading” states Harvey C. Bream, Jr., Evangelist, Editor, Bible College President, and Teaching Minister, in commendation of Bowman’s work.

Hidden in Plain Sight is an engaging read for Catholics, non-Catholics, students of theology, or those that are simply curious. Combining this foreknowledge, personal experience and nine years of dedicated study and research, Bowman tutors and challenges his readers along the way. In the introduction, he relates why he left the Church and the events leading up to the moment when he realized God wanted him to write a book.

“It may ruffle a few hierarchical feathers, but I am committed to facilitating the truth that every person must find on their own spiritual journey. I have stated ‘It’s time for someone to pick up the torch and light the way.’ This is what the book is all about,” summarizes Bowman.

For more information, visit waynebbowman.com.

About Wayne B. Bowman:

Wayne Bowman grew up in the Catholic Church and school system. He spent five years researching and writing Hidden in Plain Sight, and has facilitated an educational class compiled from this book. His education lies in the fields of writing and broadcasting and he currently resides in a small country town with his wife near their parents, daughter, son-in-law, and three grandchildren.

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