Putting Acne Under the Spot Light - Using Blue Light Technology to Eliminate up to 90% of Acne Within 24 Hours

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The days of having to avoid being seen in public because of spots could well be a thing of the past, thanks to a new, simple to use device which utilises the power of light to fight acne, without the use of any chemicals.

The Cleane is a new product that, instead of using chemicals, uses thermal shock pulses and blue light therapy to kill the bacteria within the spot. This has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of spots by 90% within 24 hours.

Christopher Evans, the Technical Director of http://www.derma-rollers.com, the web site behind the Cleane Acne Therapy Device, says “We believe the Cleane will greatly alleviate the social and health consequences for acne sufferers. It is safe and painless to use. Better yet, with the device being similar in size to a lipstick or a battery from a TV remote, you can carry out treatments any time, anywhere.”

This portable, hand-held device is simply held over the spot whilst it emits a series of mild thermal pulses and flashes of “blue light” which have all the benefits of natural sunlight (long known to help kill the propioni bacteria that cause acne) but none of the harmful side effects of UV light. This means that it is completely safe for the skin and doesn’t carry the dangers of sun damage. In fact, the Cleane has been clinically tested, carries FDA approval, has the CE mark as a medical device, and is manufactured under cGMP certification and ISO 9001. It is available without a Doctor’s prescription

Obviously the old adage “prevention is better than cure” is still true and eating healthily and drinking plenty of water can help prevent further outbreaks of acne. Unfortunately, sometimes even those who adhere to the strictest health regime will fall victim to acne, pimples or blemishes. This is true regardless of age, gender and ethnicity. Acne is not just for teenagers!

Whilst it may well be tempting to squeeze or pop the pimples when they appear, this is probably the worst thing to do to them, as it can lead to the bacteria in the spot spreading and causing more acne in the surrounding area. This could also lead to scarring, which then presents a whole new set of problems.

It would seem to be a far more sensible idea to get rid of the spots and pimples as soon as they can be felt starting to appear, and whilst there are numerous creams and lotions available, many people don’t like the idea of rubbing chemicals into their already sensitive problem skin areas.

The Cleane uses no chemicals and as there are no ongoing costs (just simply recharge the device via the provided USB cable) it would appear to be economical when compared with the costs involved in making repeated trips to the pharmacy to keep buying the latest creams, lotions and potions.

For more information on the Cleane Acne Therapy device, visit http://www.derma-rollers.com/1908/cleane-acne-therapy-device

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