Motivational IQ Launches Powerful Programs, Helping People Perform Better, Achieve More and Experience Greater Enjoyment and Success Using Motivational Intelligence

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Dr. Blair C. Relf’s human development company, Motivational IQ, delivers innovative programs that integrate decades of discoveries in the neurological, psychological, and motivational sciences into a highly effective, enjoyable and affordable process that increases people’s Motivational Intelligence - empowering them to accomplish their goals, enjoy greater success and make a bigger difference in their lives and in the lives of their loved ones.

"People really need ongoing support. We offer a multi-faceted approach that continues where many seminars and programs leave off. Our programs are NOT one size fits all, Instead we provide a highly customizable approach, keeping the individual in mind."

Motivational IQ the company, announces the launch of an Interactive, user-friendly program of development that will balance high technology and the personal touch of supportive expert and peer relationships at prices unheard of in the people development world. Now available, the suite of motivational tools includes illuminating assessments, performance tracking dashboards, web-based, educational and inspirational, multi-media learning systems, optimal-motivation diagnostics, social empowerment networking tools that leverage the human dynamics of social encouragement, accountability, competition, recognition and rewards!

These science-based, technologies and human support systems are suited both to the corporate world as companies strive to build up notoriously poor rates of worker engagement, (often measured to be under 30%), and to people’s personal worlds where there is great difficulty sticking to aspirational commitments, as evidenced by high rates of obesity, broken resolutions, and long delayed plans and dreams. The founder, Dr. Relf, with over 15 years of leadership and high-potential talent coaching, states that his clients and people in their organizations almost universally share painfully, that they want to manage their lives better, devote more of their vigor and energy to things they care deeply about, realize more of their potential and find ways to enjoy an intense goal-pursuit process more.

We now know that Motivational Intelligence, the long overlooked, yet vital capability, can be developed reliably through, action-based experiences, focused training, and powerful interpersonal relationships. Motivational gains are estimated at 20 – 100%, enough to transform performance, accelerate greater skill acquisition, and deliver exceptional results. Dr. Relf points out that Motivational Intelligence is one of a very small set of major determinants of one’s success in leadership, physical fitness, education, artistic expression, entrepreneurship, and most any life endeavor.

In this challenging world, with two powerful trends, an increasingly difficult economic climate, as evidenced by rapidly growing global competition, scarcity of jobs, and shrinking real estate values, and at the same time, a deepening desire, by many, to live the best, most meaningful lives possible, and make a difference in the world, Motivational IQ appears uniquely positioned to help people in all financial circumstances, and with any life aspirations, to succeed. To learn more about these powerful programs visit

Dr. Relf, the founder, is an avid pursuer of adventure and bold motivational challenges himself. He has travelled to nearly 400 foreign cities in over 65 countries, is an Ironman triathlete and marathoner, has a Dual Ph.D. and has studied the histories of every major region and a great many countries of the world. He says he enjoys adventure sports including skiing, scuba diving, and playing tug of war with his dog Wesley. He also admits trying to learn Spanish, to play a musical instrument, and to compete with his wife in Martial Arts and has learned to shift his energy to things, in which he can be more successful. He shared that he is deeply gratified that many of his current passions and pursuits focus on finding impactful ways of supporting others in achieving their unique and colorful versions of success.


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