Golf Lessons Online - Will They Work For Me? The All New Golf Lesson Online Review Site Launches For 2011

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Don Stewart, a full time reviewer of Golf Instruction and Improvement products looked at more than 60 of the latest and most popular golf lessons online programs for 2011. Don gives his unbiased reviews and submits his recommended list of the best values available online.

Don Stewart of is pleased to announce the 2011 launch of their review site with all new reviews of the latest and most popular golf lessons online programs.

Ah, late March and people in the northern hemisphere are finally starting to see grass poking through the snow. While March Madness college basketball is still dominating the airwaves, golfers know that the Masters Golf Tournament is just around the corner. This means once again that golfers everywhere promise themselves that this is the year for that little extra work to improve the golf game and lower those scores.

But how to improve? Obviously golf lessons from a certified PGA teaching professional are undoubtedly the best solution. They can look at grip, setup, and swing and then give constructive advice and specific solutions with drills to repeat so that the quality of our golf actually starts to resemble something that might not turn Phil Mickelson’s stomach. Having taken lessons previously it was obvious to see how patient and skilled the golf instructor was, even though the teaching Pro was sure he could get this student to replicate the smooth swing of Ernie Els (which it seemed would be akin to Joe Pesci having the lead role in Casablanca).

Not having the good fortune of being from a Sunbelt state meant that every year golfers from northern climates seemed to have to start from scratch and relearn all of the lessons and hard work of the previous year. By about June every year the game seemed to be back in shape but just three short months later September came and suddenly the cooler autumn weather seemed to cool off the golf enthusiasm even faster. An option is to take lessons every year but time and to some extent money dictate that this isn't always a practical option. That’s why many golfers do what comes naturally to everyone in this age of the internet-self help via golf lessons online!

That's where the reviews come in at Unbiased reports are done by a reviewer who has more than 3 decades experience in the golfing industry and has been reviewing golf instruction and improvement aids for over 15 years. Looking back at one of the first golf improvement programs our group reviewed, was a series of audio tapes from a well respected sports psychologist who had a number of members of the PGA Tour as clients. As good as it may have been, let’s just say his voice was so monotone and rhythmic that after about 5 minutes he may as well have been singing Brahm’s lullaby. Since the intention was to multitask by listening to the audio tapes while driving, it actually became a bit dangerous and the decision was made to finally pull the plug on the good doctor.

The quantity of online golf lesson programs has increased more than 100 fold in the last 15 years and the volume of product available in 2011 seems to know no bounds (just like a golf ball which also knows no bounds!) In fact, as a professional review site had to limit the number of products reviewed to about 60 of the most popular golf lessons online programs for the 2011 season. The way the reviews are done is quite simple-our reviewer will buy the product, use it, and decide whether it does what it claims and gives good value for the money spent. The one common factor with the products of 15 years ago is that there is still a lot of poor quality items that people will try to sell you. (Yes it’s the internet-what a shock!) After hand picking about 60 products to review there are still only 10 or 12 that are recommended, and even among those some are only really good for certain levels of golfer. There are some real gems though for all aspects of the game and almost all of them are less than $100; most are in the $25-50 range and if they provide quality training and instruction at those price points they are definitely worth consideration.

So for all you hardcore golfers or weekend warriors, the best advice if you really want to improve your game is to get some help. Talk to the teaching professional at your course about lessons, work on your flexibility and fitness. And if you want to try some golf lessons online, visit to get some honest and unbiased advice on the best values in golf instruction.


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