Revolutionary Track Lighting System Introduced at Global Shop 2011

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Light Re-aiming and Ladder-climbing Eliminated in Retail Environments

At GenLED LIGHTING we are looking at ways to introduce energy efficient and sustainable lighting products that solve real challenges for visual merchandisers and retailers

Time consuming light re-aiming and re-targeting along with scaling ladders soon will be a thing of the past for visual merchandisers if GenLED LIGHTING's latest innovation catches on in the retail world. At Global Shop (Booth 3257), GenLED LIGHTING unveils "RATL" (Remote Adjustable Track Light system) an innovative track lighting system that allows users to remotely aim lights and pan and tilt on merchandise.

Track heads rotate on two axes for aiming at a target of illumination. Electrical motors in the track fixture are controlled by a handheld laser aiming device. The track heads, which contain both the light engine and the motors with the control module, can be mounted on a new track fixture or on an existing track retrofitting the non-rotatable track head and improving functionality.

"At GenLED LIGHTING we are looking at ways to introduce energy efficient and sustainable lighting products that solve real challenges for visual merchandisers and retailers," said Tom Heelan, Vice President of Sales, "Not only does "RATL" provide excellent light color and quality, it saves time and work creating a maintenance-free environment and allows for more creativity and flexibility in merchandising."

Track lighting fixtures are commonly used in lighting applications that require the ability to aim the light source at a target of illumination. This is typically accomplished manually and involves adjusting the track head and beam angles to properly illuminate the target. Oftentimes, this requires the visual merchandiser to climb and re-climb ladders and must be executed outside of normal store hours.

Re-aiming and re-targeting generally occurs during merchandise change-outs, seasonal changes and sales periods. With "RATL", re-aiming issues are resolved and the system provides unlimited light adjustment flexibility by allowing the remote control of track head rotation. The visual merchandiser or store designer can use the GenLED LIGHTING handheld aiming device to remotely rotate the housing with the light engine to a desired aiming position and target and fix the illumination. The track lighting can be adjusted immediately whenever merchandise has been moved, changed or rearranged. Light adjustment can be done during business hours without the use of ladders.

GenLED LIGHTING's "RATL" (Remote Adjustable Track Light system ) contains a linear track, a track head, and a handheld remote aiming device. The light source in the track head can be rotated on 2 axes (pan and tilt) via the remote aiming device.

The RATL Standard version contains a track head with a medium socket. Any type of screw-based halogen or metal halide PAR lamps can be plugged in. The linear track provides 120V AC to the light bulb.

The RATL LED version contains a track head with a LED light engine featuring GenLED LIGHTING's patent pending PoinGEN™ technology and advanced control features:

  •     The LED light engine is a standard replaceable unit. It provides high intensity spot light as powerful as a 120W halogen PAR38 Spot lamp. The LED engine featured in this track head generates a 9 spot beam with 23,000 candela of central beam candle power (CBCP) equivalent to 120W Halogen PAR 38 Spot. By replacing a halogen PAR38 Spot lamp, this LED engine track head can save more than 80% energy.
  •     A red laser is incorporated in the track head. When the track head is in aiming mode, the red laser is powered on, emitting a red light dot on target of illumination. With this red light dot, the end user can precisely aim the light to the target of illumination.
  •     The handheld remote aiming device gives full control of the track head, including rotating the light source on 2 axes (pan and tilt), aiming the light to target of illumination with laser light dot, and full range dimming (10-100%) of the LED light.

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