PROLINE® T44 Synthetic Turf Adhesive Sets a New Quality Standard w/10 Year Seam Warranty in the U.S.

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Proline® T44 elastic adhesive for synthetic turf sets the bar for quality with a 10 year warranty. This is the first and only synthetic turf adhesive in the U.S., to issue a product performance warranty. This is an independent warranty that survives the closure, acquisition and or bankruptcy of the any contractors or turf companies connected to the original installation. No competing synthetic turf adhesive offered on the U.S. market stands by the performance of its products like Proline® T44. The 10 year seaming warranty lasts longer than 98% of the current warranties on the artificial turf itself. Field owners have two additional years of protection on their seams, if their field has the standard 8 year warranty. Proline® also helps with sustainable site designs and LEEDs point because it’s non-carcinogenic, it’s 100% GREEN.

DOC Adhesive Products LLC is the exclusive distributor for Proline in North America, and Mexico. Proline® T44 is manufactured by Akzo Nobel Bygglim AB ( the largest paints, coating and adhesive company in the world. Quality turf brands will be using Proline® to offer their clients the very best. Using cheaply priced unwarranted seaming methods, is not the way to install high performance artificial turf. However, some companies will continue to seek the cheapest possible way to get the fields installed, because their short term bottom line is more important than the long term quality of the field. (

Proline® vs. Sewn & other Seaming methods:
Many companies promote that sewn seams are stronger than glued seams. That may be the case with other adhesive products, but it’s not true when compared to Proline® seams. Under stringent FIFA testing standards, Proline’s peel strength test results were more than 5 times the FIFA strength requirement (EN 12228 method 2). The testing also showed it remained twice as strong after 3 weeks of the warm water soak testing according to test method EN 13744. (Test results from ISA Sports)

“If any company honestly believes their sewn or glued seams are more durable than the Proline® seaming system, we will read about it in their press release announcing their 10 year seaming warranty. The bar for quality has been set at 10 years; anything less than 10 year exposes field owners to unnecessary repair cost.” -- CEO Graham E Hayes II

Proline has been used to install fields on indoor, outdoor, public and on private projects since arriving on the U.S. market in 2008. The fields that were installed starting in 2008 are now 50% of the way through their 8 year turf warranty. So far none of the fields have had a seam rupture since the original installation. While we cannot guarantee these results on all fields, as of the date of this press release Proline® T44 is living up to its billing as the single best seaming product on the market for artificial turf.

“Proline® is an elastomeric adhesive and it doesn’t cure hard like polyurethanes and epoxies. Because it remains flexible it can help to absorb the stress on turf seams, which the other glue products that cure hard cannot do. When turf seams go through all the climate changes from hot summer to freezing wet winter weather, Proline® never gets brittle or cracks like polyurethanes or epoxies, it’s engineered to outlast the turf itself.” -- CEO Graham E Hayes II

Many clients around the country have already received their warranties from using Proline® T44 and don’t have worry about their seams. (Maryland Soccer Foundation, Baltimore County Parks & Recreation Department, Benton High School, Benton, AR, to name a few).

Proline is the greenest artificial turf adhesive in use on the U.S. market. Proline is non-carcinogenic, it contains no solvents, and no Isocynanate and less than 2% VOC. DOC Adhesive Products was unable to find any competing glue products in use that could match Proline®’s environmental footprint.

Many polyurethanes or epoxy products will promote low VOC’s and no solvents, but none are promoting having No Isocynanate. Most current U.S. turf adhesive products in use for a year or longer, contain harmful Isocynanate. They promote NO SOLVENTS and Low VOC’s in bold type in their marketing which helps divert attention away from their inability to remove the Isocynanate. Proline® is safe for the workers who use it, it requires no ventilation when used indoors and won’t create recycling issues for owners when the field has to be disposed of in 8 to 10 years. (

In the past 5 years over 1000 fields have been installed using hot melt type asphalt roofing tar products like this one made by Firestone. ( This is probably a great product for its intended application, but there is no need to use a product like this to install artificial turf.

Firestone® Building Products Company
Material Safety Data Sheet and Technical manual
( and the msds (


Primary Route of Exposure: Inhalation

Signs and Symptoms of
Exposure: Causes a foreign body reaction (mechanical irritation). Fumes generated by molten asphalt may cause eye, skin and respiratory tract irritation. Molten asphalt will cause thermal burns.


Ventilation: Use in well-ventilated area.

Respiratory Protection: Use NIOSH - approved dust, mist, and fume respirator if exposure
might exceed the PEL or TLV.

Eye Protection: The use of safety glasses with side shields may be warranted.
Skin Protection: The use of leather or cotton gloves for direct handling is likely

Other: None recommended
Work / Hygienic Practices: Wash exposed skin prior to eating, drinking or smoking and at the
end of each shift. Wash contaminated clothing prior to reuse.

Turf installers using these type hot melt products should be wearing protective gear, breathers, gloves glasses etc., it’s recommended by the manufacture. This product is dispensed in hot melt equipment requiring it to be heated to extremely high temperatures, as with most asphalt roofing type products. That opens the door for workers to be potentially burned if there is a spill or accident, which show why turf installers should be wearing protective gear with hot melt. While the cost to use hot melt is extremely cheap and it helps companies win competitively bid projects, it’s not how environmentally conscious synthetic turf surfaces should be installed.

“We’ve used many methods to install artificial turf over our 25 years in the industry. In the past we used the hot melt asphalt product as required when doing subcontract installation work for some turf brands, but we stopped back in 2006. We knew there was a better way to seam turf fields than with carcinogenic products and instead of searching for the cheapest method to win new contracts, we searched for the highest quality. After testing and researching artificial turf adhesive products from all over the world we found the best product, its 100% Green and it has a 10 year warranty.” -- DOC CEO- Graham E Hayes II

Proline T44 is the safest environmental seaming adhesive on the U.S. market. It’s safe during the installation for the workers building the field. There are no issues of fume inhalation for school or parks officials who may be on-site watching the installation work. Proline® T44 stands unmatched in its environmental position and carbon footprint, and it’s reflected in the manufacturer of the product. In 2010, Akzo Nobel Bygglim AB was recognized as the #1 chemical company in the world for sustainability, by the DJSI Dow Jones Sustainability Index. ( Akzo Nobel is the only manufacturer that has enough confidence in their adhesive to place a warranty on its performance. That says a lot when you consider for the past 25 years seam rupture repairs have been the #1 turf repair issue world-wide. Because of the staggering liability behind the seams on turf fields, it takes a quality company with a top notch product to open the door to that type of exposure. Proline® T44 has seaming warranties in effect world-wide because they are the market leader.

DOC Sports Surface Contractors, LLC ( is the exclusive service contractor for Akzo Nobel Bygglim AB in the U.S. and has over 25 years of experience installing and repairs synthetic turf fields. DOC will gladly do any warranty repair work on Proline seams U.S. installations. The company has a national service network of skilled turf installers and repair technician. If your field wasn’t installed with Proline® T44 but you need repairs, please call or send us an email us. DOC can provide repair services outside the Proline® warranty for any customer in need regardless of turf brand.

We offer sports turf managers/field owners free consulting services on how to repair a synthetic turf field, when using our products. We offer Proline® T44 and a matching Do-It-Yourself product design for small repair work called DOC SuperFix. ( It dispenses much like using a caulking gun and we have technicians who can walk you through the process to repair your field if you want to do it yourself. We provide a full service to field owners looking to keep their fields in play. We offer a mobile repair kit perfect for schools and parks department containing all you need to do most standard repairs on your fields. If you have a major problem we can connect you with a turf repair technician to get you back up and running. If its artificial turf we can fix it.

Proline® T44 is perfect for school districts and parks & recreation departments that may use multiple brands of artificial turf. If a school district requires all their fields to be installed with Proline, we will provide a back-up warranty to all the turf companies or contractors that are used. If they go out of business, are sold or anything that prevents them from servicing your field seams, you will always have the Proline warranty to fall back on for 10 years. Public fields need to last as long as possible due to limited funding and often times the fields have to be kept in play beyond the turf warranty period. This seaming warranty could save school and parks departments thousands of dollars in repair costs and it can all be done by requiring the field be installed with Proline T44.

Contact our office for information and specifications that you can add to the bidding process for a new field, to ensure your fields are installed with Proline. For owners it’s the best of both worlds, you have a back-up for the turf company with an independent warranty for 10 years. Specifications (

DOC Adhesive Products, LLC., is located in Fort Washington, Maryland offering a full line of environmentally friendly construction adhesives, for carpet, flooring, drywall and any other construction or OEM application. DOC specializes in and manufactures all type of synthetic turf installation tools and equipment for building synthetic turf fields. ( DOC carries a repair glue for owners to use on their fields and offers free consulting when working with a DOC adhesive products.

For more information, please visit and

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