Cell Phone Radiation Survivor Launches RADI~SAFE

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Now that the scientific research has proved that cell phone radiation can cause cancer of the brain, eye and ear; Elliot Gallin, who was once a patient of brain tumor himself, has put forth this unique device— RADI~SAFE, which attaches to phone and harmonizes those harmful radiation rays. With free shipping and low cost this should become a necessity for every mobile user.

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Recent scientific investigation* has finally given proof that over usage of cell phones pose risk to our health. Cell phones rely on electromagnetic signals to work. These signals emit radiations which are also absorbed by the general area of our head causing tumors or cancers.

A single incident of a brain tumor has led Elliot Gallin to probe what are the main causes of brain, ear and eye cancers after he was successfully operated at the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Fl. When he was told that the main cause is the electromagnetic radiation emitted by our cellphones by his doctor, he decided to do something about it. Struggle in this direction led to the production of a device by the name of RADI~SAFE. Being the owner of the company “My Cell Is Safe,” he is proud to say that he is now cancer free because he uses the RADI~SAFE harmonizing chip with his phone which can be used with any phone and lasts the life of the mobile.

Dr. Nora Volkow, at the National Institutes of Health revealed from her study that there is obvious brain activity when we use cellphones attached to our ears. These EMF rays can certainly cause a serious physiological damage after prolong use. Dr. Andrew Sloan, of University Hospitals, Case Medical Center also confirmed that these studies have indeed provoked scientists to look into this matter even more. CT scans have shown an obvious effect on the brain when the mobiles are turned on.

The launch of RADI~SAFE has come as a blessing because cellphones have become an absolute necessity for everyone regardless of their profession. With almost 2/3rd of the population using cell phones, the requirement of this device cannot be denied.

RADI~SAFE is a small 2 cm disc that can easily stick to the back of any mobile phone. This works as a harmonizer to the harmful rays which are emitted from the cellphones. These rays cause heating of the brain area; and the minerals present in RADI~SAFE harmonizing chip function to neutralize these rays to reduce heating. Research has shown that almost 80% of the heating is reduced.

A good thing is that RADI~SAFE is being launched only for $24.95 with a free shipping offer. With the massive advantages to health that this device owes to itself, the price is almost negligible.

About My Cell Is Safe

My Cell Is Safe was started by Elliot Gallin after he suffered from a brain tumor and got operated; he was alarmed to hear from his doctor that it could’ve been caused by excessive use of mobiles. The device RADI~SAFE cell phone radiation harmonizer minimizes the heating caused by EMF rays.

*Source of scientific research: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8ii3vgGqwc


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