A New High-tech Appliance Promises the World's Coldest Beer

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A Beer Froster can chill beer to a single degree above its freezing point and can hold it at that 24 degree mark without freezing. A beer can get so cold that an aluminum bottle placed on the counter on a humid day will actually form frost.

I can get beer down to the perfect temperature without freezing. The Froster-cooled beer was the best I've ever had, and I have had a few.

Beer in the United States is about to get colder, and beer lovers are overjoyed.

Most bottled beer will not freeze until it reaches 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Beer Frosters combine a powerful freezer and a highly accurate thermostat to keep beer at a tooth-numbing 24 degrees. A Beer Froster works because both the alcohol and the high pressure within the bottle act as antifreeze.

Beer Frosters were first introduced in the 1980s throughout tropical climates such as Mexico, Central and South America. Beer there is brought down to its lowest temperature not just as a way to fight the heat, but also because many families use smaller refrigerators. The colder the beer is when purchased, the longer it remains cold, so very beer could be enjoyed at home without needing additional refrigeration.

They are now making their way north of the border and into homes and restaurants everywhere.

"I love the Froster," says Darrell, a medical professional in Knoxville who purchased one recently for use at his home. "I can get beer down to the perfect temperature without freezing. The Froster-cooled beer was the best I've ever had, and I have had a few."

Alan Cohen of Summit Appliances, one of the two manufacturers of Beer Frosters, can see why. Long ago his company was among the first to offer kegerators, and he was at the time surprised to see kegerators sold for home use. After this learning experience, he says Beer Frosters were "a natural progression" of keeping ahead of other companies and meeting growing market needs.

Mike Yost, author of "The Mancave Book" agrees. He presented the Beer Froster to his fellow cavers at ManCaveSite.Org to get their feedback. The most common issue Man-cavers had was price, but on the whole the Beer Froster is a hit.

"I think the Beer Froster is awesome and that they shouldn't have any issues selling them, especially if they do keep their temperature consistent and the machines are reliable."

"This is a very 'cool' concept, I like that they are space saving and are designed with beverages (specifically beer) in mind. The digital thermostat would be very nice to have and they do offer a wide variety of sizes, if I were looking to get one of these I would have to go with the FS60SSVHFROST, it seems to be the best size for the price, and would look very nice installed in a home bar or man caveā€¦ "

"I think that will sell like crazy, Mike. Once you have a good beer that has been kept at the proper temp, you never go back to just coolers or fridges."

"That looks like an incredible product. 24 degree beer sounds like a killer idea especially here in AZ in the summer time. The one issue I see coming is someone not being smart enough to use a coozie or something like that and just holding onto a can or bottle until they get freezer burn. Then they will sue the company for not protecting them from themselves. Looks like a good item to have though."

Beer Frosters are available nationwide through http://www.BeerFroster.Com.

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