Language Bridge Technology Announces New Self-Study Software for Learning English as a Foreign Language Faster

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New brain-compatible software helps adult learners in turning off the mother tongue while learning English as a Foreign Language and forming the English language speech center in the brain. The software introduces simultaneous repetition, which was never used in learning languages before, to achieve this objective.

New Promotion: Language Bridge Technology (LBT) offers its new proprietary self-study software for learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL) for free to all teachers and students for the next six months. LBT believes that learning by doing it is the best approach. We also believe that leaving the door wide open for six months for free use of the most efficient method of acquiring fluency in EFL will help us in creating a brand name with great testimonials.

To restore our innate ability to learn a foreign language it is enough to turn off the mother tongue while learning a new language. Simultaneous repetition, which was never used in learning languages before, ensures this objective by forming the direct links between images or situations and word blocks in the target language.

It is now well recognized that second language acquisition is nothing like first language and cannot be dealt with in the same way. Learning a second language after the critical period for language learning has ended is more difficult because as we age the more our native language has come to dominate the linguistic map space, and the second language finds it hard to compete. As a result of this “tyranny of the mother tongue”, most adults when learning a foreign language use cross-translation to the mother tongue and remember the target language words as translation to words in their mother tongue. But it is nearly impossible to think in the mother tongue and speak fluently in a foreign language.

Dr. Arkady Zilberman, Co-Founder of Language Bridge Technology (LBT) said, “In China, we observe unprecedented English Mania: about the quarter of population is learning English as a foreign language (EFL). It came like a tsunami, and unfortunately this common problem could not be solved by conventional language schools or online resources.”

LBT offers to adult learners of EFL brain-compatible self-study software that helps to turn off cross-translation. The software is based on a new teaching approach: English is not fragmented into multiple levels, like vocabulary learning, reading, writing, and speaking skills. There is one level of EFL when a new language speech center is formed in the brain and a learner speaks fluently and naturally without cross-translation.

The LBT program offers to 21st Century Global Citizens an efficient way to acquire fluency in EFL in one quarter of the time compared to conventional methods. It achieves this goal by creating an environment in which adults learn phrases through a no-grammar, no-memorization and zero-translation approach thus turning any adult into a language prodigy.

Dr. Zilberman went on to say, as an added benefit, the LBT software allows seamless incorporation of multiple free Internet resources into this innovative learning environment using any mobile phone or laptop or PC. The LBT program is phenomenally adaptable allowing online or offline use along with self-training, one-to-one, group study or combinations of the above. It could be supplemented with a concise version of the program on any iPhone, iPad, Android, Smartphone or any multimedia device.

The LBT software allows any ESL/EFL teacher to recycle his or her own accumulated teaching materials and transfer them into a new environment. The built-in option of adding a new lesson amounts to the creation of software according to the requirements of customers. In other words, it is possible to create a version of LBT software that will be designed for specific business needs or vocational training. It is really built-in cloning capability. And the best part: you don’t need to be a programmer to create a version of software tailored to the needs of your adult learners, irrespective of their location or mother tongue.

Without explanation in native language, it would be impossible to develop new learning habits in both adult learners and teachers. The current version of the LBT software is localized in three major languages: Chinese, Spanish and Russian. LBT also offers a Generic version of the software with the support for other languages provided by built-in online translation service.

To receive this new software for free is simple: just send us a request stating your objective and motivation in learning EFL and we will send to you a link where you can download the complete version of the patented LBT software.

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