MTD Micro Molding Announces Additional Technology Investment to Improve Micro Molded Bioabsorbable Stents

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MTD Micro Molding has invested in excess of $520K in technology to support the development of micro molded Bioabsorbable stents.

MTD Micro Molding has invested in excess of $520K in technology to support the development of micro molded Bioabsorbable stents during the past two years.

Key areas of micro molded Bioabsorbable stent development has included novel tooling approaches that enable prototype iterations in a condensed time frame, material handling methods that minimize the loss of molecular weight (strength) as measured by IV (inherent viscosity) during processing, and modifications to standard molding systems that resulted in thin-wall polymer flow at five times the previous limits. Bioabsorbable stents have recently been in the spotlight due to advances made by Abbott, Reva Medical and MultiCell Technologies.

MTD Micro Molding was founded in 1972 and was established as a leading manufacturer of miniature connector injection molds for the electronics industry. The company has continued to grow over the years and designs and manufactures microscopic components for the medical industry in its precision clean room facilities in Massachusetts. MTD Micro Molding is one of only a few U.S. companies dedicated to micro mold making and micro molding and has invested extensive time and resources into the research and development of micro molds for the medical industry. MTD Micro Molding designs and manufactures some of the tiniest medical device components in the world.

MTD Micro Molding develops micro molded plastic parts and components that are used in electronic devices, fiber optic cables, Microfluidics devices, surgical tools, biomedical plastic surgical catheters and implants, micro assay plates, and much more. MTD Micro Molding offers several significant advantages over the competition. All micro molding processes take place at corporate headquarters, which results in a shorter product development turnaround time. MTD Micro Molding’s breakthrough molding technology permits sharper edges, tighter feature tolerances, and better surface finishes which leads to more efficient, reliable, and durable moldings that are less invasive and more comfortable for the patient. Scalable products that are tailored to each companies needs are created by MTD Micro Molding’s highly experienced engineers that have design backgrounds.

MTD Micro Molding projects undergo a rigorous, five-step manufacturing process that includes design for manufacturing, tooling, micro EDM, micro molding, and quality management. MTD Micro Molding has the design engineering experience, techniques, and capacity to create safe, reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and innovative products. The company also utilizes superior micro tooling which leads to smaller and more complex features and shapes, which paves the way to more advanced products. MTD Micro Molding’s micro mold parts deliver a stronger performance than those associated with macro molding and lead to better products and lower operating costs. By owning only one of two Micro Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) milling production machines in the country, MTD Micro Molding is able to create smaller features and more intricate shapes than possible with conventional micro milling or conventional EDM. Every aspect of MTD Micro Molding’s process adheres to stringent standards and is all done in-house. The key market that MTD Micro Molding works with is Medical Industry Micro Devices. Medical micro molded devices applications include micro endoscopes, automatic insulin pumping mechanisms, bioabsorbable materials, and vascular applications.

MTD Micro Molding believes that extensive experience and quality people make for a strong company. The team is dedicated to applying their extensive micro molding engineering expertise to every project that is received. MTD Micro Molding’s company goal is to provide every customer with the best possible product and exceptional customer service and is committed to pioneering new technologies that advance the science of micro molding. For more information about MTD Micro Molding please visit or


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