Naughty Nutritionist Inc® Launches Naughtybits™ Algae Tabs -- A Playful Yet Effective Way to Protect Your Health from Toxins and Fukushima Radiation

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Naughtybits™ are algae tabs like the ones that healed the Hiroshima and Chernobyl victims from radiation poisoning. The Fukushima disaster is a reminder that algae removes toxins of all kinds. It’s been the best kept secret for 2 billion years.

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According to NASA "the nutritional value of 1 kg of algae is equal to 1,000 kg of fruits and vegetables." Not only do spirulina and chlorella algae remove toxins they are also "the most nutritionally dense food in the world" states the United Nations.

As the Fukushima nuclear power plant catastrophe continues to unfold, Japan’s radiation levels continue to climb and threaten the health of more people. While the impact in the USA is greatly reduced, the message is still clear. It’s time to be more proactive about protecting one’s health from toxins of any kind, not just nuclear radiation. What’s the easiest, fastest, simplest way to do this? Take algae tabs, like those from the Boston based company, The Naughty Nutritionist ®, who have just launched a line of algae tabs playfully called naughtybits™ and sold online at For the last 50 years, algae has been a closely guarded health secret of celebrities, Olympic athletes and NASA astronauts thanks to its many health, energy and weight loss benefits. But now that radioactive toxins are on the growing list of health hazards facing Americans, its worth taking a closer look at the best reason to take algae - its ability to remove any toxins, not just those from nuclear radiation.

A Colorful History – Go Green.

Like other superstars, algae’s rise to prominence has been no overnight success. Algae was the first plant life on earth 2 billion years ago and it’s thanks to algae, there is oxygen and life on earth. But algae was only discovered as an important food source in the early 1900's when German scientists stunned the world with their news that algae boasted 60% - 70% protein, the highest concentration of protein of anything in the world (animal protein is only 22% protein).

This finding rocketed around the world, but was forgotten until the end of WW I when the German government, desperate for a protein source, used algae to feed their population which the war had left starving due to the loss of livestock and crops. Algae disappeared from the scene again, until WW II, when the Hiroshima bomb left the Japanese similarly starving and without any food. The U.S. government, aware of algae’s success in Germany, arranged for algae to be supplied to the Japanese as part of a post-war rebuilding effort. Once again, algae was a success as a food source, but through a twist of fate, was also found to remove radiation poisoning. This discovery prompted the Japanese government to bring algae research from Germany over to Japan and to build the world’s first large scale chlorella algae farm – based on the work previously done by The Carnegie Institute and Arthur D. Little in Cambridge MA, USA.

Fast Forward – Today and Tomorrow

Fast forward fifty years to today and algae consumption has grown into a multi billion dollar industry. Yet, remarkably, while algae is now sold worldwide to Olympic athletes, celebrities, NASA astronauts and others and was even endorsed in 1974 by the United Nations as the most nutritionally dense food on the planet, it is still largely unknown by consumers in the U.S. Yet algae has been used safely and continuously for 50 years by millions around the world, for food, vitality, endurance, energy, detoxing, good health and more. More importantly, it has been successfully used and well documented as a safe and non invasive way of removing radiation and other toxins from the body – not only for survivors of Hiroshima and Chernobyl but also for those undergoing cancer radiation therapy or wanting to clear their bodies from the growing onslaught of toxins in the environment, food and air.

Earth’s First Super Food and Super Star

Spirulina algae and Chlorella algae (the two primary types of algae), are successful in detoxifying the body because they have the highest concentration of chlorophyll in the world. They are also loaded with a wide array of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that help detoxify the body of heavy metals and contaminants, repair DNA damage, balance the body's pH levels, fight inflammation, improve digestive health, and boost immune function. Additionally, chlorella algae has the unique ability to absorb any toxin, especially nuclear radiation and safely flush them out of the body.

Peace of Mind – One Piece at a Time

With all of the health benefits of algae, especially its ability to protect and heal the body from radiation poisoning or from any kind of toxin, every household may want to consider adding algae tabs to their list of things they purchase to protect themselves and their loved ones. Fire and security alarms pale in comparison to the health benefits and health protection from algae.

But all algae is not equal. It is important to purchase algae from highly credited sources, like The Naughty Nutritionist Inc®. whose algae (which is not grown in Japan so, there is no risk of toxic radiation) comes from the largest, oldest algae supplier in the world and the only one known to be awarded the gold seal of manufacturing quality – the ISO 9000 accreditation. Anything less could result in toxins or worse, bird poop getting into the algae. In contrast, naughtybits™ algae is of the highest standard, grown in controlled, organic outdoor algae tanks, tested daily to guarantee the highest standards.

Naughtybits™ algae tabs are safe for kids, teens, adults and even pets. Swallow or chew them. Either way provides the same benefit. Be just a bit naughtier with naughtybits™ to be a whole lot healthier. Purchase naughtybits™ algae tabs at


The Naughty Nutritionist Inc®, based in Boston, MA, is a consumer goods company whose sassy approach is making nutrition fast, easy and hip for the busy mainstream consumer. Using playful branding and stylish packaging, their nutritionally dense foods like algae are gaining a following with young, hip consumers and others who have not yet added algae to their daily diet because it has sounded or looked like a 60’s food fad for hippies. It’s not. It’s the healthiest food in the world – it’s just that most Americans don’t know about it yet. Naughtybits™ algae tabs are easy to eat or swallow, fun to say and so small and stylishly packaged that they can go anywhere – from the club to the gym or even the opera. One ingredient and endless benefits that include removing hunger, fatigue, toxins or hangovers Naughtybits™ algae tabs can be purchased at where there are three algae products to chose from – Energy, Recovery and Vitality: 1) ENERGY Naughtybits (100% spirulina algae) deliver instant energy and satisfy hunger 2) RECOVERY Naughtybits (100% chlorella algae) build the immune system & cleanse the blood both which aid in health recovery and; 3) VITALITY Naughtybits (50/50% spirulina/chlorella algae) a blend of the two algae. The three products from the Naughty Nutritionist can be purchased online for $95/bag. Each bag contains 1,000 tabs. By late spring 2011, the website will also sell smaller quantities in stylish pocket sized tins and by summer 2011, naughtybits™ will also be sold through retailers nationwide. The algae sold by The Naughty Nutritionist ® is not grown in Japan so there is no risk of radiation contamination. Algae is recognized by the United Nations and other global authorities as the most nutritionally dense food on earth, has 60%-70% protein and contains almost every major vitamin, nutrient, and mineral. It not only provides great nutrition but also physical and mental energy, strengthens the immune system, builds muscle, helps with weight loss and absorbs all kinds of toxins, from nuclear radiation to alcohol. All of these benefits are now available to mainstream consumers with this launch of naughtybits™ whose playful name and fun branding are the signature trademark of The Naughty Nutritionist® - a fresh new face in the world of “NEWtrition."


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