Garvin Industries’ Recessed Can Light Covers Saving Facilities Money and Code Violation Headaches

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Building Establishments Benefiting from Reduced Energy Costs and Up-to-Code Beautification

America is over-canned and it’s costing them in more ways than one. Our recessed can light covers are a simple money-saving and problem-solving solution to a common problem.

As facilities managers scrutinize their first quarter spending for ways to save money in the future, they may be overlooking an unsuspecting money waster. Their recessed can lighting—both that which is still installed and that which has been removed—may be costing them a bundle in terms of their electricity and heating bills. With its recessed can light “blank up” covers, Garvin Industries, the manufacturer of electric, low voltage and lighting products, can help facilities professionals cut these expenditures at a fraction of the price of patching and painting.

Late last year, the Bloomberg news services reported, “Turkey’s $1.4 Billion Hotel Has Power Cut Over Unpaid Bills.” The monthly electricity bill for the 546-room luxury hotel had averaged $300,000. Faced with similar exorbitant electricity prices in relation to their establishment’s size, it’s easy to see why so many American facilities owners are removing a large percentage of their recessed can lights.

While such measures may cut the amount these facilities owners are paying to the electric company each month, they leave behind a new set of issues in their wake. First, allowing the removed lights to remain exposed can render facilities owners in violation of electrical code. Hiring a contractor to cover up the resulting holes is the usual course of action, but that can be a costly proposition. In fact, recessed can light covers from Garvin Industries recently saved one of the company’s clients $2,500 versus painting and patching the ceiling.

Secondarily but just importantly, recessed can light removal often leaves behind energy-wasting gaps in the ceiling. In the face of soaring heating oil costs, the Associated Press recently reported that “heating oil prices have shot up 32 percent over the past four months in Maine … where oil heats three out of four homes.” But this skyrocketing situation is not confined to the Northeast. Regardless of a business owner or homeowner’s heating source, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy recommends blocking the small gaps surrounding windows, doors and other areas, like ceilings. “Plugging them can save you up to 10% on that heating bill, and the materials will pay for themselves within a year.”

The unsightly holes left behind when recessed can lights are removed from ceilings are one such energy-waster that can easily and cost-effectively be eliminated. Priced at under $10, Garvin Industries’ recessed can light “blank up” covers can help slash facilities’ heating bills. What’s more, the covers can be installed in just 30 seconds, with no tools required.

“America is over-canned,” explains Garvin Industries’ spokesperson Bart Garvin, “and it’s costing them in more ways than one. Our recessed can light covers are a simple money-saving and problem-solving solution to a common problem.”

Facilities professionals who like to cut costs while beautifying their establishments can learn more about Garvin Industries’ electric, low voltage and lighting products online at For more information on how recessed can light covers can reduce energy bills, contact Bart Garvin at (847) 455-0188.


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