AAFM ® American Academy of Financial Management Champions Certification Process of Accredited Programs & Exams - CEO George Mentz Leads Campaign

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The AAFM ® American Academy of Financial Management ® - International Board of Standards - The Champion for Double Accredited Education and Accredited Business Program Exams. International Lawyer & General Counsel George Mentz leads global expansion of certification standards and accreditation. The AAFM® Financial Standards Council is the first in the world to sanction & sponsor Online Accredited law school Courses from a graduate masters program as a path to certification. AAFM® establishes continental certification standards advisory councils around the world.

AAFM Global - The Champion in Certification & Accredited Programs and Exams

The First Certifying Body in the World to Sanction Graduate Courses and Exams from an Accredited Law School - Masters program

The AAFM ® American Academy of Financial Management ® expands the highest certification accreditation standards in the world and achieves new Global Recognition. The AAFM ® becomes the first Certification Board to require accredited degree education and accredited program exams from government recognized programs.

The AAFM ® Board, working directly with Accreditation Agencies and programs, has registered and sanctioned over 800 government recognized & accredited business programs worldwide offering courses and exams that can lead to AAFM ® certification eligibility.

Under an agreement with the ACBSP Accreditation Agency for the last 5 years, the AAFM ® recognizes candidates who apply, are accepted and enroll in accredited programs, complete the exams, and achieve qualifying government recognized degree education. The AAFM ® Board also recognizes and approves over 400 AACSB International accredited business school degree programs and exams via a memorandum of understanding. The AAFM® USA Board of Standards is also the first international board to sanction CHEA government recognized accreditation agencies for the purpose of certification standards for education and exams. For over a decade, the International Board of Standards has been the leader in the integration and promotion of double accredited government recognized education and exams as a path to board certification and chartered credentials. The AAFM ® continues to promote its credentialing programs with the Accreditation Council for Business School Programs and the AACSB - International programs.

As for government standards, the AAFM ® is again working with the US Government Department of Labor this year in a consultative status to assist in clarifying financial management careers, jobs information, educational standards, and certification standards information. The AAFM ® has also collaborated with Chinese Governmental Agencies, the United Nations Agencies, the India Government, African Nations, and government backed universities globally for higher standards.

AAFM ® Founder and International Lawyer George Mentz stated that, "Because we implement the highest business accreditation standards, growth of membership and recognition worldwide has flourished in Asia, India, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Further, the AAFM® is recognized and included in the official reference guides of: Department of Labor, various global financial authorities, Investopedia - Forbes - Black Enterprise and more. The WSJ Wall Street Journal has even documented the AAFM ® Graduate Certification requirements of over 8 of the AAFM ® Designations and Charters along with stipulating to the accredited courses and exams required for each AAFM ® certification. The Wall Street Journal also featured the AAFM ® Wealth Management Certification along with similar programs from Wharton Business School and New York University in 2004.

AAFM ® Board Chair - George Mentz - who has been a law professor for over a decade, has also been named to various advisory boards and standards councils such as the: Indian Institute of Financial Management, the Arab Academy of Banking & Finance Certification Standards Board, The ACCE African Economists Advisory Board, the Asia Wealth Management Council, Global Finance Forum, and the Latin American Standards Board.

The AAFM ® has also become the first certification body to have executive certification courses conducted by an Accredited USA Law School. Thus, financial professionals worldwide can earn AAFM’s globally recognized certifications by enrolling in masters level courses, completing the courses with exams and assessment - entirely online from anywhere in the world. Lexis Nexis, Blackboard, and Wimba technology are all used in the global delivery of these AAFM ® approved Certification Courses. To Apply Click here http://llmprogram.org

These online executive certification courses also may count toward a international law degree in finance and tax with specializations or certification in: Wealth Management – Asset Management – Portfolio Management - Trusts and Estates – Risk Management – Compliance - Anti Money Laundering AML – International Tax – Financial Management - Asset Protection – Investment Management – E-Commerce and more. The American Academy promotes these ONLINE certification courses for individuals, corporations or groups to enable accredited program executive education to Fortune 500 Companies . See: http://llmprogram.org or http://llmprogram.tjsl.edu With AAFM® Members in over 150 countries, the AAFM® was the first to have a graduate wealth management curriculum and charter certification. Executives of the top banks and financial institutions in the world hold AAFM® Board Certifications such as CWM ® Chartered Wealth Manager Certification ®.

Because the AAFM® has the highest business accreditation and assessment standards, the AAFM ® Board has formed an international credentialing certification accreditation commission which will investigate and report on quality assurance issues in education, exams and business designations globally.

To earn certification, the AAFM ® American Academy has mandated that professionals worldwide to earn an accredited college degree education by completing courses and exams from accredited business schools or accredited law schools worldwide. Recently, the AAFM ® International Board of Standards became 1st in the world to achieve - transparency, disclosure, listing, and membership recognition with these bodies : ICE Institute of Credential Excellence, Accreditation Council for Business School Programs, ACBSP, IFFS Global Federation of Financial Standards, RSOF Royal Society of Fellows, ANSI American National Standards Institute, AABFS Arab Academy of Finance and Banking, IIFM Indian Institute, United Nations Civil Society, DOL, IBA, IMA, NBEA, ICBE, and NOCA National Organization of Competency Assurance. Prof. Mentz, the Chairman of the Board of Standards said, "We do not beleive any other organization in the world has our dedication and committment to accredited education and exams from government approved programs, and even the Wall Street Journal has repeatedly documented and referenced our double accreditation standards over the years." "To the best of my knowledge, nobody else has ever integrated and approved ABA Legal Accredited Programs, ACBSP Business Programs, and AACSB accredited programs as a secure path for exams, assessment, and certification"

In the last few months, the AAFM ® International Board of Standards has sponsored global conferences or events in China , Mexico City, UAE Dubai, India, and The USA. The AAFM ® Board is also recognized as one of founding Linkedin.com Professional Group Accounts for networking. Further, AAFM has global job search tools and news for its worlwide membership.

About The AAFM ® Certification Board USA
The AAFM ® International Board of Standards is the global certifying body - standards commission and accreditation council for finance and management professionals operating worldwide. The AAFM ® Awards the certification and charters to those who meet the 6 graduate criteria including accredited education and exams. The Board, Sovereign or Regional Presidents, and Commissioners act to improve standards and policy while recognizing the best educational programs and serving the organization and stakeholders. The AAFM ® International Board of Standards owns the certification marks, Intellectual Property, trade secrets and federally registered copyrights, which it issues to individuals in good standing who successfully complete the public and government disclosed accredited educational requirements. The AAFM ® Board has certified members in over 150 countries and The AAFM has over 10 Certification Programs avaialble from the Accredited Business and Law School alliance. For more about AAFM Board, visit http://www.AAFM.us

The AAFM ® owns the federal and international trademarks & copyrights for various certifications such as CWM ® Chartered Wealth Manager ® Additionally, the AAFM ® is the only certification body in the world to have legal trademark or co-existence agreements with the CFA™ Institute, the CFP™ Board, and the Arab Academy which is owned by the Arab League. These signed agreements are designed to ensure that all parties will respect each others’ trademarks, rights, certifications and intellectual property. The AAFM ® Board also requires consent forms for all faculty award winners and honorary global advisors. Copies of agreements, disclosures, and written consent forms can be found on an AAFM ® USA websites.

*Our Certification Standards Body and Accredited Education Requirements and Programs are seen and disclosed in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Investopedia, UN DESA and Civil Society, Governments Department of Labor Occupational Handbooks, US Government Bureau of Labor and Statistics Guides, Arab League- Arab Academy, and the NASD/FINRA Reference Guides Sections.

For questions or to become an approved provider of sanctioned education, please contact legal@aafm.us

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