A Critical Path Item, Combined Semiconductor Timing Revenues Hit $8.36B USD in CY2010 …

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New lines forming in the supplier Base...CY2010 was a record year for Semiconductor Timing Overall. Combined revenues of $8.36 Billion USD were realized across all Semiconductor Timing segments to include; Xtals and Oscillators, Semiconductor Clock and Timing, Frequency Control Product Support and RF Timing.

CY2010-2011 Crystal & Oscillator

In mid-March, Consulting Services & Associates LLC (CS&A LLC) announced release of its latest Market Reports and Analysis on the Semiconductor Timing Markets covering CY2010 Thru Q1-CY2011 Crystal and Oscillators, RF Timing support, and Semiconductor Clock and Timing. These unique reports detail the full spectrum of Semiconductor Timing: Crystals in KHz and MHz, all Oscillator categories, Semiconductor Clock and Timing, and high value RF Timing support.

Combined, these Timing segments represented $8.365 Billion USD in sales for CY2010, with growth in volume ~17% YoY… All timing technologies are included in these reports ranging from Quartz and ceramic, to MEMS, and onto Compensated CMOS…

According to Mark Sherwood, Principal Associate and CEO at CS &A: "CS &A LLC provides a unique methodology in reporting - we call it Top Down/Bottoms up, where we focus on specific semiconductor timing product consumption by Market Segment and then by Application - all with weighted $ASP's to roll up into the TAM and Forecasts… Detail on Timing product consumption and market trends for the Consumer, Communications(Data and TeleCom), Computing (Motherboard and non Motherboard), Industrial, Automotive, Gaming, Medical / Instrumentation and more, are provided in an easy to read and digest format." Mr. Sherwood added; "2010 was indeed a record year in volume and revenues for Semiconductor Timing and our expectation is to see 2011 with continued, but lessened growth.

CY2010 showed lots of MnA activity in Timing, and as several of the new players make their respective entries, some with "disruptive" technologies, new battle lines are forming. We expect to see several new entrants in MEMS based timing solutions and at least two or three in compensated CMOS (LC and RC) make their way into the market in the late first half -

"From a Market perspective; CY2010 showed growth across the board in Communications, Computing, Industrial and Consumer creating a record 2010. Volumes look to be up almost 18% YoY, and CY2010 Semiconductor Timing $Revenues were: ~2.4Billion USD + $728M in Oscillator support silicon (sold to Frequency Control Product suppliers (Oscillators), and RF Timing Support with ~$1.7 Billion USD in revenues. Combined with Xtal and Oscillator $revenues of ~$3.4Billion, show Semiconductor Timing $$Revenues of ~$8.365B USD for the year." The forecast is strong coming into the second quarter of 2011, and while the disasters in Japan can and will make impact, we expect to see the Taiwan and China based suppliers pick up the slack from the top tier suppliers in Japan that have seen some measure of impact to production and materials." Mr. Sherwood added.

CS&A's analysis and findings are available in its "CY2010-2011 Crystal & Oscillator" report and the CY2010-2011 Semiconductor Clock & Timing report. A Combined Timing report with all segments is also available. The reports provide a detailed and unique look at the full spectrum of the Semiconductor Timing market providing TAM, detailed consumption, and forecasts for all major product categories, plus supplier market shares. Published in Mid-March, enterprise licensees will see updates during the year and 2 hours of report related, direct consult…

According to Mr. Sherwood; "Combining our unique top down/bottoms up methodology, market trends, actual's; by product category, product segment, and technology, supplier base detail, TAM, Forecast and technologies employed, CS &A creates what we call the 'Timing MarketScape,' providing a unique and full spectrum view of this dynamic market. - This is truly unique in the industry, and we believe we are the only group able to do so today." Supplier dossiers, which complement with the reports, can be purchased separately.

About Consulting Services & Associates
Consulting Services & Associates LLC (CS&A) founded in 2002, is headquartered in the heart of the Silicon Valley, centrally located in Cupertino, California. CS&A LLC is today, the recognized leader in Semiconductor Timing reporting and analysis, and provides unique and innovative reports and limited consulting resources specializing in: Technical Issue Resolution - Market research and Analysis - Product Definition - Project Management - Marketing Support Services - Due Diligence services, & Strategic Research and Planning. If you are interested in learning more about CS&A offerings, please email us at CS &A LLC; Info(at)timing-is-everything(dot)net, or Reports can be purchased online at http://www.timing-is-everything.net.


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