Eagle-A Operating System Upgrade Provides Critical Information for Food and Water Monitoring in Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan

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Berkeley Nucleonics is offering an upgrade to the SAM 940 Isotope Identifier for radionuclide identification of Cs-134, Cs-137 and I-131 to address a growing concern for screening meat, fish, eggs, milk, and water.

Berkeley Nucleonics is offering an upgrade to the SAM 940 Isotope Identifier for radionuclide identification of Cs-134, Cs-137 and I-131 to address a growing concern for screening meat, fish, eggs, milk, and water.

Eagle Operating System (EOS) includes specific features to identify radioactive contamination resulting from the Fukashima Nuclear Power Plant leak of radiation into the local environments. The upgrade allows an additional mode for less technical users to screen specific concerns without compromising analytical spectroscopy stored in the instrument memory. Forthermore, the firmware allows compliance with federal guidelines for contamination monitoring already in place.

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The SAM Defender and SAM Revealer are the latest in a growing line of isotope identification technologies offered by Berkeley Nucleonics. Our Firmware update, Eagle–A, increases operational capabilities for current market conditions. The new category F/W, represents food and water and shows the presence of radiation in light blue peaks. Shown here is our SAM 940 Revealer with 3.5% resolution LaBr detectors. GPS data is also available and many users are posting live data online for general public considerations.

“The SAM 940 is a world-class isotope identifier. Our service and training programs are also coveted by a community of users with a variety of applications. Eagle-A is a reminder that Berkeley Nucleonics supports the changing needs of radiation measurements faster than anyone in the market, be it new medical isotopes, industrial isotopes or in this case, additional food and water screening,” comments David Brown, BNC President.

About the Company

BNC’s radiation detection products are popular for detection, dosimetry and isotope identification and in use by HazMat teams, firefighters, first responders, and border protection personnel. Analytical products offer real time medical, industrial, SNM and NORM nuclear isotope identification. From pager to portal, the company offers a program of radiation detection with a comprehensive approach to detection and disposition. Our cooperative efforts with numerous State and Federal agencies give BNC customers the confidence they need when developing radiation detection activities.

BNC offers an accredited training program which provides attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques involved in radiation detection and isotope identification. This program also provides CEUs and can educate new and experienced users. Regional courses or on-site courses are available. Since 1963, BNC has been a pioneer in nuclear instrumentation.

Additional Information on EAGLE-A thresholds for Food and Water monitoring:
MDA for Radiation Detectors / Federal Guidelines

Food Type         I-131 minimum threshold (Bq / kg )     Cs-137 Minimum threshold ( Bq / kg)

Water and milk             300                                                            200
Vegetables                     2000                                                            500
Meat/Eggs/Fish                                                                                 500

Figure 1.0 : Specifications provided from Asia regarding minimum threshold for food and water.

Detector Model Number        MDA , Cs137(Bq)         MDA , Cs134(Bq)     MDA , I131(Bq)    
SAM 940 3G                                         4.5                                 1.75                         7.33
SAM 940-2L                                         10.18                                 3.79                         15.39
SAM 940-1L                                         15.39                                 5.68                         24.38

Figure 2.0 MDA for BNC SAM 940 illustrating the MDA for the SAM significantly below the minimum threshold when detecting 1-131 and Cs-137 in food and water.

Communication: Serial, Ethernet, Custom
File Types: ANSI N42.42, User Defined
Spectrum Resolution: Down to 3% at Cesium (662 keV)
Operating Temperatures: -20 to +50 degree C
Power Options: Vehicle, AC, Battery
Telemetry: Cellular, WiFi, Radio

Eagle OS Features
-Data on Demand
-Export Capabilities
-ID Confidence Boost
-Enrichment Level
-Discrimination (Uranium only)
-Color Coded ID
-Hands Free Calibration
-Library Enhancement
-GPS Gecko Compatibility

Eagle OS Applications
-GPS Mapping of Radiological Movement
-City Based Radiation Tracking
-PC-Link with SAM-Control software
-Doserate Data Dumps every Five Seconds
-Transportation Vehicle Live Monitoring
-DOE and DNDO Reachback File Types
-Confirm Medical Treatments using Reachback

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