Shaolin Raises Funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® & Helps Community Shape Up like Shaolin Warriors

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Shaolin Institute offers community a rare opportunity with a fun contest program of 3-month of Cardio Kickboxing, Meditation, Tai Gong, Nutrition Planning and Consultation for free in Louisiana, Alabama & Georgia from April to August.

The institute invites all health conscious individuals to get healthy, lose weight, de-stress and to have fun with a unique program of “A Taste of Shaolin” way to lose weight and gain great fitness.

Many world MMA and MA champions like Cung Le, a Strikeforce Champion and Patrick Barry, one of the best UFC fighters and many other international and national champions, started their training here with the US National Kung Fu SanShou Team under Shaolin Grand Master Shi DeRu (Master Shawn Liu.), who has been featured on Chinese Central TV & other Chinese international networks with 6 documentaries and two Western Martial Arts magazine covers.

It is the institute firm belief all contestants who strive for their best potential can reach that champion platform too. Pauline Reynold is that fitness champion lost over 40 lbs for her 3-month training at the institute; while another champion Sunshine Gaigle lost over 130 lbs after 3-year training, as Sunshine stated: “In August of 2007, I was at my wit’s end. I didn’t know what else to do with myself.” But “through dedication to practicing the Shaolin art, I have lost over 130 pounds. Weight loss is wonderful, but regaining my self-confidence and actually having my life back are things I will always be grateful for.”

The fun contest is aimed at weight loss and getting in shape. The institute hopes that each health conscious individual shall shout aloud to wake up his/her friends and family members with the words: “Be Happy! Get Healthy!. The health contest organizer will present each winner an award of $200 cash, $900.00 Shaolin scholarship & a Shaolin fitness champion certificate.

“We challenge each one of you to ‘buddy up for better body’ program with friends and families for a healthy mind and body” said the coordinator of the institute. Training will take place at all Shaolin Institute campuses from mid April up to the beginning of August for any late starters. A conference will be hosted in mid August to announce the winner. A certificate will be issued to all participants who have completed the program.

This contest is a first step to the path of a healthy mind, body and spirit. There will also be a special Shaolin Warrior Summer Training Camp program for those who dare to travel an extra mile like the ancient Shaolin Warriors with great character, discipline, perseverance and leadership. The camp will draw people from all over the world.

Entry registration fee of $99 will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital & Shaolin scholarship funds. All 3-month fitness training and health service programs will be free to all participants. For information & questions, please call: 770-286-9808, 251-662-3225; or visit

About LIU International Shi DeRu Shaolin Institute: a private school is directly derived from the Shaolin Temple, China. The institute is committed to promoting original Shaolin wisdom passed down generationally for more than 1,500 years. The wisdom of Chan, Confucius, Taoist and the discipline of traditional Kung Fu is taught with age-appropriate curriculum: Shaolin Cultural, Shaolin Kungfu, Tai Chi, Qigong , Tai Gong for Natural Healing, Chan (Zen) Meditation, Extreme Kickboxing for Iron Body Shape, Sanshou, Qinna (grappling) Shuaijiao(wrestling) and Shaolin Zen Nutrition… The instructors at each campus are committed to life-long learning at the direction of Grand Master Shi Deru, a 31st generation descendant of the Shaolin Temple. There are 5 campus locations in Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana.


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