Congressman Ron Paul and Former Governor Jesse Ventura/A Winning Ticket in 2012

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The path to winning the 2012 general election for Ron Paul will not start during the primary season, but after as an indenpendent with Former Governor Jesse Ventura as his VP candidate.

By Marc Scalera

While Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump seem to be grabbing all the headlines early in this Republican presidential primary season, Ron Paul’s numbers are superior nationally.

According to Rasmussen Reports tracking poll from March 10th – April 13th, Sarah Palin trailed President Barack Obama by 10 points. Other tracking polls have Palin trailing Obama by 18 - 20 points. Newt Gingrich was polled by Rasmussen from March 18th – 19th and was trailing Obama by 12 points while other national tracking polls had him down by 14 – 15 points. Donald Trump was polled by Rasmussen from April 14th – 15th and found him behind Obama by 15 points while other national tracking polls had him losing by as much as 18 points. In contrast, according to Rasmussen, Ron Paul was polled from March 20th – 21st and trailed Obama by only 8 points. In April, 2010, Ron Paul only trailed Obama by 1 point.

However, Ron Paul is not polling nearly as well in the Republican primary in states such as Iowa, New Hampshire and in Florida. His low numbers are not surprising considering he has not announced his candidacy as of yet and receives far less media coverage than Trump, Palin, Gingrich and Huckabee. For example, Fox News gave Huckabee his own show and Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity routinely invite establishment candidates such as Palin and Gingrich on their shows in their attempt to boost their image and credibility; Ron Paul is typically criticized or left out of the discussion altogether.

In 2012, Ron Paul should make an even bigger impact than he did in the 2008 primary. He’ll have more money, better organization and a lot more support and name recognition. However, the Ron Paul Revolution is generally a young person’s movement, while the majority of republican primary voters are not a part of generation x or y. Older republican primary voters generally use traditional methods to receive the news which makes them more keen on voting for establishment candidates which is the primary reason for Ron Paul’s low primary numbers thus far.

It’s imperative that voters realize this is probably the last chance to preserve our country, but with the mass media largely ignoring the real issues our country faces, I expect an establishment candidate to win the Republican nomination.

Taking into account Ron Paul’s age (76), this is his last time running for President and he should consider running as an independent in the general election. I do understand he feels like he is the only true republican in the republican primary and that may be true, but he does appeal to independent and even a few democratic voters. Considering former Governor Jesse Ventura also appeals to a wide array of voters on both sides as well, that may be the winning ticket in 2012.

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