New Book by Imprint and Recovery Expert Liliane Desjardins Offers Freedom

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After years of being controlled by subconscious thoughts and beliefs—“imprints”—Liliane Desjardins experienced her own recovery. Her journey inspired her to help others find their authentic selves. Her new book extends that help to a new audience.

Marianne Williamson, author of 'A Return to Love,' states,'Liliane writes from the depth of her own experience, with passion and power and a keen understanding of the human psyche.'

Everyone has fears and irrational beliefs that can hold him or her back in life. Too often people cope with those beliefs in dysfunctional ways. Now a path to recovery from those limiting beliefs to a life of freedom and hope is revealed in Liliane Desjardins’ “The Imprint Journey: A Path of Lasting Transformation into Your Authentic Self” (ISBN 9781615990887, Life Scripts Press, 2011).

“The Imprint Journey” is like two books in one. The first section is Liliane Desjardins’ personal story of growing up during World War II in Croatia, watching the Catholic Church bless German soldiers, and seeing Nazis take her father away to a concentration camp. The fear and her family’s dysfunctional beliefs that she experienced during her childhood would still affect her decades later and an ocean away living in Canada. After marrying and becoming an alcoholic herself, her near death resulted in her transformation and recovery.

Once Liliane Desjardins entered recovery, she became interested in helping others, eventually co-founding with her second husband the Pavillon Gilles Desjardins in Quebec and later another center in North Carolina. She also began giving workshops and teaching people about imprints. The last part of “The Imprint Journey” is a dissection of just what an imprint is, and how to overcome imprints and replace them with effective and productive, life-affirming thought-patterns.

In bravely telling her own story and the stories of many others she has helped, people from all walks of life—male/female, gay/straight, Christian/Muslim, white/black, rich/poor—Desjardins has provided a book that will resonate with everyone. Readers will be inspired to believe that if Desjardins and so many others could overcome their imprints and discover hope, they can do the same. Desjardins provides in “The Imprint Journey” the “Action Steps to Transformation” necessary to help each reader tap into his or her Authentic Self.

Experts in the field of recovery are already proclaiming “The Imprint Journey” to be an inspiring and much-needed book. Marianne Williamson, author of “A Return to Love,” states, “Liliane writes from the depth of her own experience, with passion and power and a keen understanding of the human psyche. Her insights lift the reader above their own past patterns, providing insight both comforting and striking. The book inspires hope that no matter what we’ve been through, fundamental change is possible.” Carolyn Craft, psychotherapist, Unity minister, and host of “Waking Up With Carolyn Craft” on Sirius Satellite Radio, adds, “‘The Imprint Journey’ will touch your very soul and make way for profound transformation. From personal story to practical steps, Liliane walks with her readers on the path of awakening. Your life will be changed.”

About the Author
Liliane Desjardins was born in Zagreb, Croatia during World War II. Her parents’ imprints and her war-torn world she was born into manifested themselves in her own imprints and addictions. After entering recovery, Liliane’s focus became reshaping and recreating her life and the lives of others. Liliane is a Certified Clinical Addiction Specialist. She is renowned for her highly successful and innovative work and the Desjardins Unified Model of Treatment of Addictions. She is the co-founder of Pavillon Gilles Desjardins in Quebec, a center for treatment of Addiction Interaction Disorder, and of Pavillon International, a center for Substance Treatment in North Carolina. Liliane has thirty-two years of experience in clinical work. She is an international speaker, workshop leader, and the president of Higher Power Productions.

“The Imprint Journey: A Path of Lasting Transformation into Your Authentic Self” (ISBN 9781615990887, Life Scripts Press, 2011) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit

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