Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention Saves US Health Care System Hundreds of Billions: 13.5 Million Afflicted by 2050

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Palm Beach and Broward Counties, Florida have 120,000 diagnosed cases of Alzheimer’s. This is enough people to fill the Orange Bowl stadium. The Brain Health Institute has opened a clinic for the early detection and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Brody explains, “We can now detect this (Alzheimer’s) disease when it is just a puff of smoke. We have this new ability to see abnormal proteins with pet scans and analyze spinal fluid- we can show people the disease before any significant impairment…

Every 70 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. According to the Alzheimer’s Association a treatment to delay onset of Alzheimer’s disease by five years would save the health care system $447 billion.

In Delray Beach, the Brain Health Institute, a division of Brain Matters Research, announces that it is the first of its kind in the U.S. to use early diagnosis, prevention and treatment- attacking Alzheimer’s on all fronts to prevent the onset of the disease.

In the past, if someone was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, there wasn’t much they can do, aside from medication to try to slow the progress of the disease. Until now, there were no special centers such as the Brain Health Institute.

Dr. Mark Brody, a former academic neurologist and one of the nation’s leading experts in Alzheimer’s disease research heads the program as president and founder. The program utilizes similar treatments and protocols for stroke prevention that Dr. Brody helped develop. The Brain Health Institute is being hailed as the landmark clinic for the early detection and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, providing a ray of hope to families who are affected by the disease. Preventive therapy is being hailed as a necessity to fight this horrible disease; the Brain Health Institute recognizes that and is groundbreaking in its practice of research, prevention and treatment.

According to Dr. Brody, “We take you in and under our wing and look at your risk factors. We tailor a program to you. Technology has allowed us to do this in a comprehensive way- and remotely from the comforts of your own home. We set patients up with a wireless scale, wireless blood pressure cuff, sleep monitoring
devices, and an iPad loaded and tailored just to them with brain exercises, and personalized fitness and diet. We look over their shoulder and have their information streamed to us and tracked in the Microsoft Health Vault. Patients are set up with a video phone that serves as a direct link to the doctors. Patients get to 'see' their doctor everyday. It’s like having their very own dedicated in-house doctor.”

The Brain Health Institute has the distinction of providing the nation’s very first comprehensive prevention protocol for STROKE and Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, including research, early detection, prevention and treatment. No other center has what the Brain Health Institute does. The Brain Institute is getting national attention from the who’s who of the most recognized people in the field, such as Dr. Wahlestedt, head of research at Scripps Institute in Jupiter, FL.


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