New book, Endorsed by Temple Grandin & Reid Lyon, Reveals a Connection Between the Literacy Crisis and Math and Science Students

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The new book, "Uncovering the Logic of English: A Common-Sense Solution to America's Literacy Crisis" demonstrates how current reading methods are ineffective for teaching the nation's future engineers and scientists. These logically minded students need to be taught systematically and provided consistent rules. Author Denise Eide unveils the hidden logic which explains 98% of English words and powerfully demonstrates how this knowledge should be as foundational to the U.S. education system as 1+1=2.

The United States must address the reality that 68% of eighth graders read below grade level (Nation's Report Card) before attempting to raise math and science scores. Many of the U.S.'s brightest math and science students struggle with the seemingly illogical nature of the English language and are left behind in the foundational skill of reading. Yet NICHD and Functional MRI studies conclusively demonstrate that there is a solution: systematic and explicit instruction. In "Uncovering the Logic of English: A Common-Sense Solution to America's Literacy Crisis," author Denise Eide clearly demonstrates how all students benefit when provided systematic and explicit instruction about how to break the complex code of English spelling and reading.

Longitudinal studies conducted by the NICHD reveal that systematic and explicit instruction improves all students' ability to read. In one study, with 88 hours of instruction a class went from 30% of students reading below the 30th percentile to 4%. These dramatic results are also confirmed by Functional MRI studies about reading performed by Dr. Reid Lyon, Distinguished Professor of Education Policy and Leadership Southern Methodist University & Distinguished Scientist in Cognition and Neuroscience Center for Brain Health University of Texas, Dallas. fMRI scans of the brains of struggling readers reveal different neurological patterns than those of strong readers. Struggling readers appear to rely on the right frontal lobe, whereas strong readers rely on the language centers in the back left side of the brain. What is remarkable is that with as little as 80 hours of systematic and explicit reading and spelling instruction, students make dramatic improvements in reading and their brain's are rewired to look like those of a strong reader.

In order to solve the educational crisis, the United States needs to begin in elementary school and ensure that all students learn to read by third grade. In order to accomplish this task parents, teachers, and the culture at large must let go of the widely held myth that English is illogical and full of exceptions.

In one slim volume, "Uncovering the Logic of English" presents the rules and phonograms which describe 98% of English words and demonstrates how this knowledge revolutionizes reading, spelling, and vocabulary development. Simple answers are given for questions such as: Why is there a silent final E in "have"? Why don't we drop the E in "courageous"? Why does C say both /k/ and /s/ in the word "accent"? Why is "progression" spelled with -sion rather than -tion? As the rules unfold it becomes apparent how this knowledge is vital to reversing the educational crisis that is plaguing America and why it should be as foundational to education as learning 1+1=2.

"Uncovering the Logic of English" has been endorsed by Temple Grandin as "really helpful for teaching reading to children who are mathematical and pattern thinkers," and by Dr. Reid Lyon as "gem of a book... that is a very useful for teachers, parents and anyone interested in bringing the joy of reading to our nation's children."

"Uncovering the Logic of English" is published by Pedia Learning Inc and is available for purchase in trade paper back and ebook formats. Books are available for purchase on Amazon, the iBook store, and at


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