Glenn Beck Built a Bomb Shelter? Idea Incubator Teaches it Can Be Done for Cheap

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Everyone, starting with Glen Beck, is preparing themselves with a bomb shelter. Building one doesn't take a huge TV personality level income and can be straightforward with the right tools. Idea Incubator, and David Morris, a security expert, have used this as a springboard to help others with a smaller budget build their own bomb shelters.

I spent, well, a good portion of Friday night locked in the basement of my falloutshelter"

The question on everybody’s mind is how to build a bomb shelter? Just ask ousted TV and radio personality Glenn Beck. Not only does Glenn have a bomb shelter, he has a panic room inside his bomb shelter. This is just in case the bomb shelter itself is not enough. Read more of what Glenn Beck said about his bomb shelter here

Glenn Beck told a story of his weekend spent inside the basement of his bomb shelter. He announced the fact that below his basement is a bomb shelter, and below that bomb shelter is an even more secure basement. This has left many viewers wondering if their survival shelters are adequate. Glenn Beck has the means to build the most elaborate bomb shelters but that doesn’t mean standard shelters are less effective. FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency provides pointers for surviving disasters such as nuclear fallouts, hurricanes, tornadoes and more. Their suggested course of action centers around preparation as the #1 key to survival.

Security expert David Morris says it’s easy to build your own bomb shelter. Having spent his life learning the best survival tactics for all disaster situations David Morris recently moved into teaching others. On David’s blog there is a weekly newsletter that centers on the world’s current news and proper precautionary measures to take in case of a disaster. Suggesting the usage of an AMK kit, mylar blanket and other necessities when stocking a bomb shelter.

Working within different budget constraints has become the biggest issue when building a bomb shelter. For 3 free reports on how to build a bomb shelter visit


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