Casewise Launches Comprehensive ERP Modernization Solution

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Casewise has today announced the release of Casewise4ERP; a new solution designed at providing a simpler, more flexible approach to ERP transformation enabling ERP users to see faster, and more cost effective ways of modernizing and maintaining systems.


This is a cutting edge solution designed to address the real issues involved in modernizing and maintaining ERP systems. Alexandre Wentzo, Casewise CEO

Casewise has announced a new offering, Casewise4ERP (CW4ERP), designed to address many of the real issues facing ERP users today.

In a recent survey of its customer base, Casewise found that over 50% of its clients who have an ERP system implemented, either did not have a linkage between the system to their business strategy for traceability, or connections between the ERP system and other operational business applications.

With the introduction of Casewise4ERP, customers are now able to reduce the costs of modernizing ERP Systems by up to 80% without affecting efficiency. Additionally, customers are also able to increase their productivity in automating workflows associated with such systems via a Process Oriented Integration Layer.

Other drivers for this new offering include the desire of CIO’s and CFO’s alike to find ways of reducing upgrade and support costs for ERP systems. The customer survey also revealed number clients are contemplating the modernization of older style systems, instead of removing or replacing them. This will be undertaken by integrating flexible and agile SaaS, cloud and mobile technologies; therefore a good understanding of how existing systems actually work is of the upmost importance.

“Back in the early to mid 1990’s when many companies were starting out along their ERP journey IT was seen as nothing more than a back office support function,” says Mark McGregor, independent analyst and industry observer. “For many organizations, a shared service solution across departments using ERP as a backbone seemed ideal; however, we now see that IT systems and flexible processes are critical to the success of an organization.”

"This is a cutting edge solution designed to address the real issues involved in modernizing and maintaining ERP systems. Any company with a major investment in ERP cannot afford the trauma of a 'rip and replace' solution. Early indications are that it is far better to modernize than to make wholesale replacements," said Alexandre Wentzo, Casewise’s CEO. "When we started out down this path, there were many who said that there was little or no mileage left in the ERP marketplace. We are already seeing that they were wrong, and with the phenomenal investment companies have already made in these systems, it is our duty to help them find ways to reduce costs and maximize their investment.”

Integrators and implementers of ERP systems are also seeing tremendous potential in using the Casewise4ERP as offers tremendous potential in bringing agile processes to users of ERP systems enabling them to access information in more intuitive ways.

Casewise4ERP has already been introduced to selected customers, and is expected to become generally available over the coming months.


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