Unveillance Launches Data Leak Intelligence Service to Illuminate Botnet-infected Organizations, Governments and Regions

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Unveillance, a new data leak intelligence organization recently announced the launch of their new cloud-based botnet intelligence platform. In the wake of the recent high profile takedown of the Coreflood botnet by the FBI, the Unveillance Intelligence Platform is aimed at providing real time intelligence to the corporate and government sectors to aid with identification and ultimate remediation of infections resulting in botnet participation.

Unveillance's goal is to reduce the delta of time between the moment of breach and the remediation - sometimes that can mean the difference between the compromise being viewed as a successfully remediated security incident and becoming headline news.

Today the top story on the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation website described how ‘…in an unprecedented move in the fight against cyber crime, the FBI has disrupted an international cyber fraud operation by seizing the servers that had infected as many as two million computers with malicious software.’ This is a day to day for Unveillance, a new data leak intelligence firm dedicated identifying compromised computers around the world that participate in similar botnets to the one the FBI infiltrated and disabled recently. Unveillance passively monitors and reports on botnet and malicious threat activity allowing its clients to identify infected computers, mitigate and eventually stop critical data leakage.

"That was just one botnet the FBI disabled. The more relevant fact here is that there are countless more botnets operating globally that have yet to be disabled and are targeting every kind of user and most are not even detectable by their victims." says Karim Hijazi, CEO of Unveillance.

The Unveillance Intelligence Platform does not require install of any kind of hardware appliance or software agent, but rather quietly resides external from a compromised network to collect evidence of data leakage. Organizations can take the consumable real time intelligence from the Unveillance API and relay it to their own (inside the firewall) security tools to help isolate and ultimately fix the problem. The Unveillance Intelligence Platform is currently is consuming intelligence on over 100,000 unique infected IP addresses an hour and that number is steadily growing.

"We witness significant botnet activity hour to hour and the financial and economic loss is astounding – the loss of personal privacy, even national security is frightening. The general public and organisations need to use all the tools available – not just antivirus software - to fight this rapidly spreading epidemic." says Hijazi

Unveillance publicly displays sanitized industry malware infection statistics via their website at: http://www.unveillance.com/trends/. The aggregated compromise statistics of the top organizations that comprise the given sectors and sub-sectors are what allows the firm to derive the Data Leak Intelligence (DLI) score. The DLI score provides a single number to quickly evaluate the overall security state and posture of an organization. As an organization’s relative security posture declines, the DLI Score rises. The DLI Score allows a simple-to-interpret, comprehensive metric to instantly evaluate aggregated networks of a country, industry sector, sub-sector, corporation, government, university, and more. DLI Scores are updated near real-time as the security state of an organization improves or declines.

"Botnets don’t discriminate. Just because the virus (Coreflood) that the FBI disabled, targets Windows-based computers, that is not the case with other types, no one is safe. Not the individual who only occasionally uses the Internet to log on to Facebook or email, not the over 90% of the highly reputable global organizations that store our confidential personal and financial information; in fact the real time intelligence and metrics we produce here at Unveillance even reveal the disturbing presence of infection and data leakage that takes place on a governmental level. Our goal at Unveillance is to reduce the delta of time between the actual compromise and the remediation - sometimes that can mean the difference between the breach being viewed as a successfully remediated security incident and becoming reputation damaging headline news. That delta of time can be reduced with good intelligence."

While the FBI article features a sidebar that offers a few points on how to try to protect yourself, again, the most relevant fact is that ‘…most users will not be able to tell their computers are infected.’

About Unveillance

Unveillance has developed the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Data Leak Intelligence Platform. Leveraging completely passive monitoring, without the use of any on premises hardware, software or agent install, our platform is able to assess whether an organization, country and/or government's network is actively compromised by advanced persistent threats (APT) and thus participating in a botnet infrastructure at a 100% zero false positive rate. The intelligence platform is able to provide metrics on severity, frequency and scope of infection as well as display successful remediation efforts via a unique rating system called the DLI (Data Leak Intelligence) Score.


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