Nissan Whistleblower Inspired by Ed Gillespie, Rudy Giuliani & Carlos Tavares Launches Organic Tea Party for Fiscal Conservatives/Social Moderates

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Sharyn Bovat of Franklin Tennessee has faced months of court appearances for a 1st time misdemeanor (case # gsc -3714) that in a article Bovat alleges the charges are “trumped up” as retaliation to whistle blowing from a politically conservative community. Bovat, the international relocation consultant to Nissan board member Carlos Tavares says she became a conduit to Mr. Tavares when employees learned she had the “ear” of the high level leader Bovat became a whistle blower in March 2009 has been blogging about problems she’s facing in the south for almost 2 years. Today Bovat is starting the Organic Tea Party of America to get her message about the need to accept diversity and to spend taxpayer money responsibly.

The Nissan Whistleblower says she's inspired by Rudy Giuliani, Ed Gillespie and Carlos Tavares in her fight for responsible spending of American taxpayer dollars.

My daughter was born in China and I want her to live in a country that accepts diversity.

Bovat says she’s known Williamson County was a conservative “red state” community due to her whistle blowing at NISSAN North America after blogging about problems of wasteful spending of taxpayer money and discrimination at NISSAN, according to an article written by Bovat says the arrest (case # gsc-3714) was retaliation for whistle blowing. Sharyn says "the warrant used to have the Franklin police in Tennessee send 6 police cars to arrest an unarmed relocation consultant was 'sworn out' by a man in a 'Good Ole Boy' network that I've blogged harassing me for over a year." For more information go to

Sharyn has tried many “out of the box” ways to communicate her situation with the Tennessee government. Bovat has used standup comedy as a venue for her fight against bad spending of taxpayer money that she whislte blew about. She was even reviewed by Punchline magazine and now with the new Tea Party organization this “viral protester” is taking things to a new level & as mentioned by the story is getting weirder. Years ago Bovat says she did work for political operative connected to Sal Russo and Karl Rove and Bovat believes that “this attempt” to get attention to accepting diversity in America might actually work.

Bovat who says her frustration on the issue of wasteful spending of America tax dollars stems from when she was asked “at taxpayer expense” to find spas for oxygen facials for a former Renault executive along with other frivolous spending that have “broken the straw on this camel’s back". Bovat’s latest attempt to communicate the problems with wasteful spending & discrimination is: The Organic Tea Party of America in an attempt to give the social moderates a voice in the upcoming budget battle.

Today Bovat is thanking people that inspire her to work at making society more tolerant of diversity and to motivate her in this quest for human decency.

Sharyn Bovat says her life has been filled with so many positive role models and The Organic Tea Party of America is inspired by 3 of them.

Bovat says that when working in 1993 during Rudy Giuliani’s 1st mayor’s race she learned the tough former DA was able to get things done in a city by clearly telling the residents in the city of the problems that existed.    While living in New York City Bovat picked up a blunt direct style of talking, one that she says with a smile referring to her 3 arrests “my harsh words about bad spending of taxpayer money have not made me any friends in the south, ‘I call a spade a spade' and The Good Ole Boys don't like that.”

Recently when Bovat blogged about Williamson County being in 500,000,000.00 in debt did people living in her community listen with open ears. The county commissioners have recently discussed the debt service (over 50 million a year) is high and just the payments on the debt is forcing the county to increase taxes & cut back services. Bovat hopes to educate the debt problem in her county by using Keeping the technique & inspiration of “tough talk” from Mr. Giuliani.

Sharyn is inspired to continue with her blogs due to Carlos Tavares the Chairman of the Americas for NISSAN. Mr. Tavares listened to Bovat when nobody else would at NISSAN North America. Nissan’s own internal statistics show that women in management decreased from 20.9% to 10% after the North American HQ moved to Tennessee from California. According to Sharyn Bovat believes her arrests were retaliation from whistle blowing against a “Good Ole Boy” network that dominates the south. Carlos Tavares gave Sharyn “the Freedom” to fight for what she believed to be morally right and attempt to change the corporate culture at NISSAN North America in a very “out of the box” way. On her blog Bovat has is documented that she communicated with Nissan IT management “after” her viral protest began and that she had emails from Mr. Tavares.

Bovat hears that “change” is happening. A Jalopnik article says that Bovat was told at Nissan North America that “skirts don’t speak” at Nissan and Sharyn Bovat hopes that soon Mr. Tavares will be named the new CEO and can inspire women to become anything they want to be and that success for more women at NISSAN can happen.

Recently a new blog emerged after Bovat ranted on her website about wasted taxpayer money in Williamson County Tennessee & Sharyn wrote “this Mama Hawk is fighting back” the next day a woman that assists Sharyn said “It describes you perfectly” ...Voila the creation of .

Finally, the third person Bovat wants to recognize is someone she met years ago while attending numerous California Republican Party conventions Bovat says she had the opportunity to talk to a communications staffer for congressman Dick Armey & he told her “the key to a successful strategy is following through”. Bovat says that low level staffer did well and today thanks Ed Gillespie for his advice.

Sharyn says that remembering Ed Gillespie's words inspire her & help her “follow through” on her quest for taxpayer & women’s rights in Middle Tennessee.

While Sharyn Bovat waits for her day in court and for NISSAN to make "future" announcement s she’s planning on doing some political consulting. Bovat will work for those that have respect for the American taxpayer & Respect for ALL Americans doing opposition research.

Bovat says that the time has come for the political centrist to shine. America is tired of seeing wasteful spending in DC and this republican RINO who admits she voted for Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton believes that 2012 will be the voice of the “swing” voter.

Sharyn says that she’s going to make sure that America hears the voice of “this” American Mama Hawk of the American taxpayer. Bovat says “After talking to others like me I’m starting The Organic Tea Party of America as a way for the moderates to have a voice in the upcoming budget battle and the 2012 race for the White House.” .

Sharyn plans on attending the South Carolina Presidential Debate in May and Bovat plans on launching American Taxpayers for Common Sense

The Nissan shareholders meet the end of June and after that Bovat believes then she’ll emerge the Mama Hawk of CSR & Diversity for Nissan. Bovat has made it clear for over a year that “if” that were not happening she’d stop her ranting blogs about problems at NISSAN.    

Bovat has done 10 press releases and she’s had millions of hits on her sites the local mainstream media is ignoring her. Sharyn's still optimistic saying that "admitting a community has a problem is the big part of the battle." NISSAN luckily for Sharyn Bovat has identified that already. Recently NISSAN updated it's website with a new "global code of conduct" the last item is that whistle blowers will no longer face retaliation.

Yes, it seems that change takes time and Sharyn is happy to have a new venue with the Organic Tea Party to be a voice for “average” America.


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