Write Your Last Will and Testament for Free on iPhone AutoWill

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AutoWill significantly modernizes how you write your Last Will and Testament. AutoWill is very easy to complete and it’s available in the iTunes App store.

"To produce Your Last Will and Testament, fill out the easy to follow sections. AutoWill then miraculously collates all the information and produces your Last Will and Testament. Simply email it to a PC and then print"

AutoWill significantly modernizes how you write your Last Will and Testament. AutoWill is very easy to complete and it’s available in the iTunes App store.

Writing a Last Will and Testament is something that often gets forgotten, but with iPhone AutoWill, it’s so easy to do now. This innovative app on mobile devices enables you to write, store and edit your Last Will and Testament free after an initial purchase of the app.

Writing a Last Will and Testament is something that many people refrain from doing and then it is too late. It can be forgotten for many reasons including oversight, inconvenience, not getting around to it, and cost. In the case where no Will is written, quite often one’s estate is given to the wrong beneficiaries, and in many circumstances, the estate is given away to the government.

With AutoWill, all of these issues are taken care of. AutoWill is there in the pal of your hand, everywhere you go, it is easy to complete at a time that suits you, you can start it now, and complete it later. AutoWill is cheap to purchase and then free to write each Will.

The developer, Steve Power reports that over 2000 AutoWill apps have been downloaded from the App store so far, signifying an acceptance of this method of Will Writing. For under a fiver, AutoWill is also a very cheap alternative to the traditional formats of writing a Will, but it’s the convenience that is the real benefit.

The great convenience comes in several parts. Firstly, you have your Last Will and Testament on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Therefore altering your Will as your life circumstances change could not be easier, just alter the parts that need to change, no need to rewrite the whole Will. Additionally, with easy to complete sections that collate the information to build your Last Will and Testament, these sections can be completed in bite size chunks. Furthermore, after purchasing the App for one of several Apple mobile devices, it’ll work on all of them. So buying the App on iPhone, will automatically load on to your iPad as well, although syncing between the two is not an option.

The value and convenience gets even better because not only will AutoWill miraculously create your Last Will and Testament, but also allows you to create multiple Wills enabling you to produce documents for friends and family too.

Once the Will has been written, it can be emailed to a PC for printing. The files generated by AutoWill that are available to print are the Last Will and Testament, a letter to each of the Executors and an information sheet detailing important information that the Executors will need to know including your bank address, solicitors details and doctors name and address.

Qadeno, the developers of AutoWill have a website called Qadeno.com to support the app and indeed all of it's applications including a staff appraisal app called STAFF REVIEW which is free. There is also a tutorial video to demonstrate the input, although it is unlikely to be required given the intuitive input.
AutoWill is available on iTunes app store. The supporting website is http://www.qadeno.com.

Purchase AutoWill from iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/autowill/id389988299?mt=8

Watch Tutorial Video http://qadeno.com/AutoWill.html


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