New Online Wine Store Removes the Guesswork from Enjoying Better Value and Higher Quality Wines

Share Article launched in February 2011 to provide wine drinkers real insights into the true quality of each wine. By empowering consumers to select wines knowing exactly what’s inside the wine they will be drinking, Vinopic aims to guide consumers to make quality-driven wine choices and get better value for money.

Vinopic empowers consumers to enjoy better wines knowing vital information that’s not on wine labels; wines that have been picked by an expert for their richness in grape polyphenols and have been selected by a Master of Wine to be more enjoyable to drink

Vinopic - advancing wine choice

Vinopic brings together world renowned health expert and author of The Wine Diet, Professor Roger Corder, and one of the UK’s leading wine writers and critics, Rosemary George MW. These two experts assess and score every wine at Vinopic for the two key elements of wine quality: 1) Roger for higher “natural quality” by accounting for the relative richness in grape polyphenols; and 2) Rosemary for superior “drinking quality” by rewarding aroma, character, taste and pleasure.

The focus is on what’s inside the bottle and the quality factors you can and cannot taste. By highlighting the difference in what’s actually in wine, and the important information that’s not on wine labels, the aim is to steer consumers to drink better wines which are made in a skilled and caring way from the highest quality grapes.

Vinopic offers well-structured wines that are richer in natural grape polyphenols, and which also taste great and are enjoyable to drink. Being able to find wines like these has often been difficult, but Vinopic has overcome this challenge to make available a range of some of the best wines from across the world.

Chief Executive and Co-Founder, Santiago Navarro commented: “We launched Vinopic to bring much needed innovation to wine retailing. There was no way of selecting wine knowing what’s really in the wine you’re going to be drinking and whether you’re likely to enjoy this wine. Vinopic changes this, allowing consumers to enjoy better wines knowing all the important information that’s not on wine labels. This empowers them to choose wines that are well-structured, have been picked by an expert for their richness in grape polyphenols, and have been selected by a Master of Wine to taste better and be more enjoyable to drink.”

Rosemary George MW’s review is presented to consumers as an Expert Grading – a score out of 20 points which highlights drinking pleasure. Professor Roger Corder’s analyses are presented as an Intrinsic Quotient – an uncapped score, which is an extension of the heart rating used in his book, The Wine Diet. The Intrinsic Quotient highlights the relative richness in grape polyphenols, but also integrates a penalty for high alcohol levels as well as sulphites and sugar, and so provides a guide to the best wines to be enjoyed by those seeking quality.

Co-Founder, Roger Corder commented: “Research shows that 32% of UK red wine drinkers choose wine because they believe it to be healthier than other alcoholic drinks. However, the trend towards higher alcohol and smoother, easy-drinking wines means that many widely available wines are far from being a healthy option. My research in Sardinia and southwest France showed how different the local wines were from typical mass-market wines in the UK, with much higher concentrations of grape polyphenols. Furthermore, the international success of my book, The Wine Diet, highlighted that consumers want to drink wines with these characteristics. But to my surprise and frustration, little has been done to make these polyphenol-rich wines available to wine drinkers, which is why I have now become personally involved in bringing these wines direct to consumers’ dinner tables. My laboratory analyses ensure that the wines selected by Vinopic are the best choice for the discerning drinker.”

Santiago Navarro added: “21 million adults drink wine weekly or more frequently in the UK. These are the wine drinkers who can make a large positive impact on their wellbeing if they choose to drink less, but drink better quality. Vinopic takes an objective look at quality, and encourages the drive towards a healthier, Mediterranean style diet complete with a small glass or two of enjoyable, polyphenol-rich wine.”

Rosemary’s Expert Grading and Roger’s Intrinsic Quotient are combined with value for money, customer ratings, and popularity to create a Vinopic Score. This score, out of 100 points, allows consumers to make a quick and easy, direct comparison between wines knowing that all the key factors have been accounted for, including the all important value for money.

Santiago Navarro commented: “The Vinopic Score empowers consumers to use a simple 100 point range to buy wines that are better from all the important aspects: pleasure, quality, value and popularity. Having a simple numerical system enables consumers to compare wines across different countries, regions, grape varieties, styles or other criteria with the peace of mind that higher Vinopic Score wines are overall better wines. This makes using the Vinopic Score the easiest way to buy wine in an informed and confident way knowing you are getting maximum value and quality for every pound spent on your wine.”

Clear information is provided alongside every wine for the units of alcohol and also the calories for each wine in different size servings. This ensures consumers are able to monitor their alcohol consumption, and also their calorie intake. A graphical presentation of the levels of procyanidins, total polyphenols as well as alcohol, sulphites and sugar is provided for each wine. This allows consumers to make an informed choice knowing the wines they will drink meet important quality criteria.

Roger Corder commented: “People have the right to know what’s in the wine they’re drinking. We provide this information in an easy to follow graphical way, as we believe it steers consumers towards drinking better quality, polyphenol-rich wines. Research shows there is a demand for better information on wine labels and we are providing this through the information on the website.”

Vinopic’s goal is to become the home of better wines and informed wine choice for those consumers looking to engage with quality wine in a positive and rewarding way.

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