Low Acid Coffee a Hit With Consumers

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Puroast Low Acid Coffee is the number one choice for coffee consumers that desire a coffee that is both easy on the stomach and great tasting.

Puroast® is the first product on the market that satisfies their need for gourmet flavor and symptom relief.

The latest addition to the coffee aisle in supermarkets has hit it big with consumers. Since 2008, Puroast® Low Acid Coffee has enjoyed annualized double digit growth in select retail distribution. Coffee drinkers with stomach ailments such as acid reflux, heartburn and GERD are the target consumer for low acid coffee products.

A study published in Tea & Coffee Journal cites 35-40 million Americans, or about 1 out of every 4 coffee drinkers, have decreased their coffee consumption because of stomach discomfort. Puroast® CEO Kerry Sachs says this is more than a niche market opportunity. “Our market success is explained by the large number of consumers looking for a quality solution,” says Sachs and adds, “Puroast® is the first product on the market that satisfies their need for gourmet flavor and symptom relief.”

The company developed an all natural, proprietary process that reduces acid by 70% while preserving the flavor and aroma sought by the gourmet coffee consumer.

Puroast® believes low acid coffee is the next major category in the coffee sector and they are poised to dominate the market. “We think low acid coffee will ultimately exceed decaf as a category,” says company President Jim Sachs, “Puroast® is already outselling decaf in some of our key accounts, and this is with only limited promotion”.

And regarding decaf, Puroast® is sponsoring research aimed at learning whether caffeine is a primary source of stomach irritation. “We believe that a large number of coffee drinkers have mistakenly switched to decaf to solve their stomach irritation,” says CEO Sachs. Puroast® conducted studies with Dr. Arthur Euler, a research gastroenterologist that has worked on the development of antacid remedies including Zantac®, to investigate the effects of acid on coffee consumers and will now add decaf to this analytical regime.

The size of the coffee market suggests low acid coffee will move into other segments. “We’ve concentrated our product launch in supermarkets, but this is changing,” says Jim Sachs. “There’s a lot of interest in Puroast® and we’ll be selling in new markets beginning this year,” he adds, including into retail gourmet coffee shops where the company expects to announce a venture with a leading chain “very soon”.

Puroast® is available in supermarkets throughout the US and online at http://www.puroast.com.

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