Proform Trading LLC Announces Reorganization, Spinoff of Boulder Capital Management and Apiary Investment Fund

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Head trader Shawn Lucas explains the crowdsourced money management principles of the Apiary Fund.

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We’re excited about the new direction and our ability to focus on the Apiary Fund’s core business function.

Proform Trading LLC, the Utah based financial systems and technology company, announced today its reorganization and the spinoff of Boulder Capital Management and Apiary Investment Fund. Proform Trading will now focus on its core competency of system and technology development while Boulder Capital and the Apiary Fund will be able to focus exclusively on asset management and the needs of their trading associates.

“We’re excited about the new direction and our ability to focus on the Apiary Fund’s core business function,” says Shawn Lucas, head trader at the Apiary Investment Fund. “We have a unique approach to managing money and a lot of room to grow our market share.”

The Apiary Fund gets its name from an apiary, a beehive where communities of bees work together to grow the hive. “The Apiary Fund is managed in a similar manner,” says Lucas, “It works through a crowdsourcing technique where a community of traders work together, like the beehive, to grow the value of our investment fund.”

“Money management is really no different than any other task. It has procedures, rules and best practices. All you need to do is define the system and make sure you consider all your bases. Then you train your ‘community’ how to respond to different situations. It’s been our experience that the ‘group’ is usually more successful more consistently than the individual. We thrive on this principle,” says Lucas.

As if the concept of crowdsourced money management was not unique enough, the Apiary Fund prefers working with investors with limited experience in money management. Lucas says, “We find it’s easier to establish good habits and practices with investors who are trainable and teachable. We prefer working with new investors who we can groom into disciplined traders.”

Lucas explains, “Traders at the Apiary Fund are called associates, and each associate is required to complete a 3-month trader development program designed to develop the essential concepts of money management, investment psychology, trade setups, systems, strategy, economics, and technology. To complete the trader development program, the associate must demonstrate proficiency by passing a certification exam and meeting the minimum performance requirements in a simulated trading account.”

“We recognize that we assume a greater risk in working with inexperienced traders, and as a result we remove the risk liability from the trader and transfer it to the technology. Each trader is assigned a risk profile, which is programmed into our software and prevents the trader from losing more money than they can comfortably recoup through normal trading activity.”

When asked how to invest in the Apiary Fund, Shawn responded flatly, “You can’t. The Fund is 100% self funded and we do not accept outside investment money. The fund is completely self grown, managed and private - a fact that we’re quite proud of.”

The Apiary Fund has over 150 associates and is looking to double that number by the end of 2011. Lucas concludes, “Our community of traders is growing and we’re looking to have over 300 traders by the end of 2011. Some of our best traders come to us with limited experience in the market, but are anxious to learn. They use very simple systems in the beginning and by the end of their trader development program, they are by no means market experts but they are experts at their system – they are successful.”

The Apiary Investment Fund is a Pleasant Grove, Utah, proprietary trading group that manages a private portfolio of foreign currency assets through crowdsourcing techniques, risk management and technology. The company is currently looking for full or part-time traders to help manage the fund. To find out more information about becoming an associate trader for the Apiary Fund, visit their website: or contact us via email: info(at)apiaryfunds(dot)com

Proform Trading, LLC is a financial system and technology company that specializes in the development of high return and high frequency trading system to be used by financial management companies in the currency and futures market.

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