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“The Mystique of the Third Eye” now available

An emerging Canadian author, lyricist and a multi-dimensional artist named Sukh D. H. Khokhar has unveiled a captivating historical saga from India under the British rule on her spell-binding website:

The novel titled as The Mystique of the Third Eye – The Return of the Prince is a mystical adventure about a British family under the spell of India from 1880–1942. Khokhar invites readers to witness the rise of the Indian Independence movement and the fall of the British raj in an amazing love story of Princessa, spun around the fascinating background of the Coronation of King Edward VII, his spectacular State Durbar, and the reign of maharajas, nawabs and aristocrats in the Indian princely states.

The story is illustrated with thirteen exquisite paintings, breath-taking lyrics and amazing riddles. Browsing her website and going through the powerful imagery is an exhilarating, mind-gripping experience. Quoting from one of the casual website reviews, “The beautiful images with vibrant colors have mystical qualities which make the characters very engaging and mysterious to the readers. This mystical quality urges the readers to learn more about the characters. The poetry and excerpts are quite exceptional which suggest that the author’s first language may be English because her use of English poetry is deep, spiritual, clear and creates vibrant images and vivid scenes in mind.” Check out:

On the steps of heaven the skeletons lay.
My mighty God had feet of clay.
         My demons drove me to my doomsday.
                 I was rendered speechless, with nothing to say.

The historical background of the author and her connections to the history are fascinating. She derives her inspiration for the book from the life and times of her Great-Grandfather, Captain Ram Singh, who participated in the Coronation of King Edward VII in England in 1902. He was awarded the Order of British Empire and the title of Sardar Bahadur meaning Brave Heart. He served as the ADC to Lord Curzon and ADC to His Highness Maharaja Bhupindra of Patiala State. His greatest accomplishment—fighting for the freedom of India and standing up to the British Government by becoming a key figure in the retrieval of the Keys of the Golden Temple from the British in 1920, following the infamous Jalainwala Massacre by General Dyer in 1919. Khokhar describes the impact of the freedom movement (Swaraj) of Bal Gangadhar Tilak on the British in the following verse:

Tilak’s slogan—Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it;
set the entire British Empire on fire with a single match stick.

The novel is really exceptional. The story is mystical, historical, lyrical, spiritual, magical, and powerful. The verses are absolutely stunning. The three long verses: I am a Demon! I am a Ghost, Step with me into the Magic Land and He Touched Me are incomparable. Check this out:

So softly he whispered; so gently he touched;
so warmly he kissed and held my hand.
     I felt like the most beautiful woman;
         he felt like an angel from the magic land.

In essence, it appears in every sense a mind-blowing mystical adventure with an ability to steal the readers’ heart and leave them breathless and fulfilled with an exceptional treat of literary excellence of the highest quality from the beginning to the end. The opening verse sets the tone for the metaphysical imagery that follows all the 37 episodes contained in twelve chapters.

I am going where angels go.                                                
I shall be doing what angels do.                                            
     Should you my darling ever lose your way;
         you will find my soul surrounding you.

There’s also a preview of the first three episodes on the website. The novel can be easily serialized in magazines, TV shows, because every episode leaves one hungry for the next episode. It is same with the verses; each verse is more beautiful than the previous one.

In the body I sleep; in the soul I rise;
A part of me renews; a part of me dies.

Shannon Tyler from Xlibris wrote in her book review: “I have only good things to say about your book. There’s no doubt that your book is great and it has potential of becoming a bestseller and a great movie production. Reading it was a mystical and wonderful experience. It’s the type of book you could read repeatedly and enjoy it even more. Your book is truly extraordinary. One can tell the labor, dedication and passion the author put in writing it. I am stunned by your paintings! They are very intricate in details and they're all so wonderful. I am truly amazed and honoured to be one of the first few people who have seen your masterpiece. ..”

Khokhar invites readers to witness the rebirth of India at the turn of the 18th century in this tale of romance, intrigue, and obsession exploring the magical connection between the physical and the metaphysical; matter and spirit; good and evil; demon and divine and ultimately undeniably compelling connection between the power of forgiveness and the gift of deliverance—the deliverance from the cycle of life and death leading to the state of NIRVANA . . . the ultimate peace.

It would be most befitting to conclude with the following amazing riddle/verse:

The picture of the child is the picture of me; I’m the one who is depicting me.
Top of the mountain to the bottom of the sea; I’m the one who’s searching for me.

The author writes that the book was conceived in her mind and written from the higher source. She writes, “I no longer look at my nightmares as curses but as magnificent adventures that brought me closer to the higher source. My extraordinary journey through the exotic land of India has led me to believe that Shangri-La lies within our reach . . .”

"I’m deeply grateful to my angel, my holy man;
who ushered me in this magnificent heaven;
raising me from my ashes again."

"I’m as grateful to my Demon as I’m to my holy man;
whose relentless pursuit so intrigued my Master;
that I was redeemed by the Master himself."

The preceding verses sum up the source of author’s creative strength—The Higher Source.

The Mystique of the Third Eye * by Sukh D.H. Khokar
The Return of the Prince
ISBN 0-9813460

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