English-by-Phone.com Experiences Fast Growth in Canada with Franchise Program

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English-by-Phone, an online school that provides English lessons in one-to-one and group sessions via the internet and by phone, announced today that it is currently enjoying tremendous growth in Canada. That growth is a direct result of its franchise program, which provides businesses with the platform and all the tools they need to get up and running with an online English school of their own.

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Patrice Laperriere (founder), Jonathan Moquin (CTO) and Alain Lepine (CSO) from English-by-Phone.

English-by-Phone organized a total of 100,000 private lessons and 10,000 group lessons in 2010,
a significant increase spurred by the growth of its network

“The Canadian franchise has been growing very fast in the past two months following a very good press review,” said Alain Lepine, manager of English-by-Phone Canada. “We have more than tripled the number of students we have following the press review. We now give about 2500 lessons per month.”

The English-by-Phone franchise program has been the key to the growth of the company’s rapidly expanding global network. Unlike the typical franchise deal, this particular offer eliminates much of the burden associated with starting a business through a franchise partnership. In fact, English-by-Phone handles most of the challenging tasks on its end, including hiring and paying the teachers and the evaluators, providing the software necessary to manage the operation, and supplying training and support for administrators. This frees franchise partners up to focus on promotion, delivering quality customer service, and simply running the business.

As far as growth in the Canadian market, that can be attributed to the user-friendly structure of the English-by-Phone service itself. “The flexibility of the program makes it very attractive for Canadian students,” said Lepine. “The very big majority of our students are professionals with very tight schedules, so they don't have time to physically move to a classroom. They prefer learning English by phone or Skype from home or from the office. For them, it is the most efficient way to learn.”

Scheduling, connecting teachers with students, and processing payments are among the responsibilities English-by-Phone takes on to accommodate its franchise partners. For these vital technical challenges, it has enlisted the services of IT solutions provider Globalia.

“Patrice chose a company located in India for the scheduling software,” said Jonathan Moquin, CTO and founder of Globalia. “He told us that the software reached an impressive complexity and that he has serious communication problem with the company in India. The program ended up to be much more complex than a simple scheduling software (all the content for the students, the payment gateways, the accountability (bookkeeping), the financial statement, the teacher's panel, secretary panels ... etc. were in that program so it is impossible to rely on a single person to expend this program. Our help is needed to integrate ESL content for the teachers and a “graduation tool” for the students.”

Although it is prominently spoken, the need to learn the English language is always a demand in
Canada, even more so now. This factor alone made the English-by-Phone franchise initiative a perfect fit for the Canadian market. “I met the guys from Globalia a couple of years before and we met again when I was trying to develop the network,” explained Patrice Laperriere, owner and co-founder of English-by-Phone. “They were looking for an interesting project to promote in Canada. Also, the service is obvious for Canada. It is a bilingual country with a community of 7 million people as potential customers.”

English-by-Phone has franchise presences in several countries, but Laperriere credits the Canadian franchise manager and dedication of the staff at the main office for the fast growth spurt in Canada specifically. “Alain Lepine is a professional promoter with a lot of experience,” he said. “He organized a few press releases that made the company well known within a really short time. And, as with every other franchise, we organize a free evaluation and provide a clear schedule before the potential student purchases the package.”

Laperriere announced big plans for the Canadian franchise moving forward. Among them are launching French-by-Phone.ca, and creating a corporate and governmental department that focuses exclusively on selling the service to companies and government organizations.

About English-by-Phone

Based in Carson City, Nevada, English-by-Phone teaches the English language to individual students and organizations throughout the world. The company currently has franchise operations set up in Brazil, Canada, France, Poland, and Russia. Realizing that people are extremely busy, it allows students to arrange a schedule that suits their personal preference, while providing lessons by phone and online for the utmost convenience. English-by-Phone organized 92,000 private lessons and 12,000 group lessons in 2010.


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