Wall Street Sings a New Tune- "Make Money ; Listen" from "Witnessing Time" By Fermionic Becomes Popular Song Overnight.

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This CD (recently featured by Jane Wells of CNBC) showcases a new style of music from Fermionic called "Lenguaje Pop" and includes a music video release of "She Made Time Stop" that can be seen on line at ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zut4U5CM5yc ) . The album is bilingual and a contains a friendly but assertive blend of English, Spanish and American cultural and business argots.

Ricky Fermin who performs as Fermionic in the Atlanta entertainment market and the surrounding areas announced the release of his much anticipated latest CD "Witnessing Time." This CD introduces a new style of music called "Lenguaje Pop." Fermionic has been an influence for the past decade in the Latino musical performance community and  has produced a unique CD of songs from the past two years. The range and depth of the music indicates the talent of a mature singer/songwriter. "Lenguaje Pop" is a unique style of singing that blends two distinct languages or argots with a strong musical score and song that uses not only the voice but the different languages as musical instrument counterpoints within the performance. As a bilingual  -English-Spanish- singer Fermionic is confortable performing and writing in both languages and frequently combines both languages seamlessly with each other at the same time. The sound is unique and infectious regardless of the language of the listener. His musical composition and performance is natural and appealing.

One of the songs on the CD- "Make Money;Listen" -was recently positively reviewed by Jane Wells a commentator on CNBC. A nationally recognized financial journalist she devoted a blog ( http://www.cnbc.com/id/44502733/The_Dominican_Contango ) on the CNBC website to it titled "Dominican Contango" mentioning the fun with "wordsmithery" that that song in particular took with lyrics and numerous references to the argot of Wall Street. “Make money;Listen (Not Enough Wells)" has content density and complexity of ideation that certainly sets it apart from most pop songs. Jane Wells liked the song so much she sent the link to the Producers of several CNBC shows- including Fast Money and Squawk On The Street  -hoping they might put it on their air. On Twitter reporter Wells proclaimed “Fermionic Rules!”

The thirteen songs on this CD  hit a broad spectrum of musical tastes, beats and rhythms. The public release of the hard copy CD will be on October 30, 2011. This complete CD promotional release, almost fully subscribed, is based on availability and will be limited. Retail customers who pre-order should receive their product by 10/30/2011.

All of the thirteen songs on "Witnessing Time" were performed, written and composed by Fermionic  with music backup produced in part by collaborating local musicians. The penultimate song, titled "Witnessing Time" shares its name with the CD and is a tribute to the Spanish prisoners interned by the Nazis for Franco after the Spanish Civil War in the Mauthausen (Gusen) concentration camp. The CD is meant to witness time from our grandparents' era to the current moments of love, science and history that we are witnessing first hand today. By blending linguistic ecumenism with authentic neologism and avoiding the ordinary the Lenguaje Pop style clearly emerges on the CD landscape as unique. The scope and scale of the songs is driven by strong musical composition, multi-layers of vocals, a fluid intermixing of languages, instruments, challenging lyrics and complexity of ideation. What ties the CD together is the compression and focus on specific moments of time. The songs are available for download/purchase at ( http://www.fermionic.bandcamp.com ) or the physical CD may also be purchased. All songs can be listened to in their entirety at this website before purchase.

In order to capture some of the flavor of this unique presentation here are some sample lyrics from the CD. Not only does the interplay of English and Spanish in Lenguaje Pop enrich but it often creates the blending colloquial argot of a topical or immediate nature that produces a flash of personal identification highlighted by the songwriter's poetry of  a well turned phrase.

Make Money; Listen (Not Enough Wells)

The black swan is in confabulation.
The real problem you see is disinflation.
Money cronies in histrionic fulminations
talk their own book in pleading concatenations.

Backwardise the USO
'cause the UNG is in contango.
Watch the FXI get FTPed
 while the TBT pounds the TLT.
Wheat futures are bustin' out
the mouths in China are starting to shout.
The XBI is feeling healthy
but The MUB won't make you wealthy.

It should not be unusual to hear frequent references to Nash’s equilibrium, photonic entanglement or Paul Dirac in popular music in the future largely because of the groundbreaking effort that this CD has touched on.

The first music video from the album is performed by Miranda Lennox, the Principal Ballet Dancer for Witnessing Time. A professional ballet dancer from the New York area this video link is in the summary above.

After the release date Fermionic has a number of venues booked for release parties as well as interviews with local radio stations.
Contact Fermionic on his fan or facebook pages. ( http://www.facebook.com/fermionic or http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=541505630 ) or on Twitter @fermionic for updates on the CD, performance dates, interviews or to be put on his mailing list.


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