Who Masterminded the Assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Rabin?

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A new book by author Avraham Azrieli dramatizes the intricate events leading to the most traumatic event in the Jewish State's history - the assassination of its prime minister by a religious fundamentalist. http://www.AzrieliBooks.com

Schedule for release in conjunction with the November 4th anniversary of Rabin’s assassination, “The Jerusalem Assassin” is the first novel to tackle the traumatic event, which many compare to the JFK assassination and its lingering effect on American society.

Among the nagging questions that continue to trouble many observers are: Who financed the operation to eliminate Rabin? Who allowed an armed civilian into the sealed, secure VIP area? Who told Rabin’s bodyguards to leave his back unprotected? Who yelled “Blanks! Blanks!” as if the bullets were not live? Who ordered to drive Rabin around as he bled to death, rather than rush him to the hospital? Who pushed one of Rabin’s personal bodyguards to commit suicide a day later?

Besides answering these questions, Azrieli’s dramatic book opens a rare window into the inner workings of the two main Israeli spy agencies—Mossad (international) and Shin Bet (domestic)—in a way that few others have attempted. The role of Israel’s intelligence services during the Oslo peace process and the worldwide anti-Jewish terrorism, mixed with the heated acrimony of the left-right politics in Israel, which preceded the Rabin assassination, turns “The Jerusalem Assassin” into a potent mix of espionage, religion, politics, and terrorism, providing a “thoroughly compelling portrait of humanity at its best and worst.” (Josee Morgan for Apex Review).

While the main characters featured in “The Jerusalem Assassin” are fictional, the political and military leaders, as well as the historic events of 1995, are based on extensive research and newly uncovered material. For readers interested in further exploration, a bibliography is appended to the novel.

Author Avraham Azrieli served as an officer in the IDF Intelligence Corps before graduating from Columbia Law School in New York. His previous books include The Jerusalem Inception, The Masada Complex, One Step Ahead, and Your Lawyer on a Short Leash. http://www.AzrieliBooks.com


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