The fitness website 'You Are Not A Fit Person' is proud to present the newest inductees into the Rogues Gallery

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From time to time the Rogues Gallery is updated to include the most ignoble characters in the world of weight loss and fitness. This class, the third is being announced in time to coincide with the Ignobel Awards in science.

The Current Rogues Gallery at You Are Not A Fit Person

It is important that we hold these people accountable for their actions, especially if we have found them likable and respectable.

First Appearing in 2009, You Are Not A Fit Person released its first annual Rogues Gallery list as part of an ongoing program to bring attention to the activities of people in the diet and fitness industry. Still, over the last 3 years obesity rates have continued to climb and it seems we are no closer to becoming fitter as a nation. "One of the main reasons for this failure as a nation to reduce obesity rates and the failure on a personal level to reduce our waistlines is the number of people out there whose financial motives run contrary to the public's health needs." claims the creator of the list, Mark Vaughan.

Previous members include Jillian Michaels, the celebrity trainer from the Biggest Loser and the Doctors whose diet pills are alleged to make false claims according to a class action suit filed in the State of California[1], and David Zinczenko, the editor of Men's Health Magazine who was exposed for recycling magazine covers.

Inductees for the 2011 Rogues Gallery are selected by the author of You Are Not A Fit Person, based upon his opinion of their impact on the diet and fitness industry. The most recent class of inductees includes Heidi Diaz, the founder of the Kimkinz diet who was found guilty in a California Court for providing false photographs and testimonials for her diet website[2], including her own testimonial and photos. Donald Trump, who was profiled in the 2010 Fitness Dirty Dozen list was inducted into the Rogues Gallery for supplying his name to a Multi-Level Marketing group who, according to Janet Helm a registered dietitian and frequent contributor to the Chicago Tribune, is trying to sell 'expensive and fake products' to children as healthy choices. Other inductees include Kirstie Alley, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Casey the CEO of Fitness Brands Inc.

The Rogues Gallery can be found at the You Are Not A Fit Person website. According to Mark Vaughan the author, "The purpose of this gallery is not only to hold the people who profit off of our weight problems accountable for their actions, but more importantly, to make those who are struggling with weight issues more vigilant to and aware of the constant challenges that are placed in front of them by 'respected' members of the health and wellness community."

Mark Vaughan, the author of You Are Not A Fit Person has spent most of his adult life battling his weight. Struggling for years with all of the problems that face the overweight in North America, he could not find a way to lose weight and be fit. It wasn't until he began to live amongst fit people that he discovered why every past attempt at dieting had failed and what the secrets that the fit people had were, even though they didn't know them themselves. "It wasn't that fit people were keeping secrets from the rest of us, it was the fact that fit people don't even know what makes them different from us and what our problems are." It took someone on the outside to discover what those differences were, and now they have been discovered, they are available for everyone to learn for themselves.

1. Christie Christensen vs. Julian Michaels, Thincare International, and Basic Research, LLC. Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles, Central District. Case No. BC431560, filed Feb 9, 2010.

2. The California Riverside County Superior Court has ruled in Jeanessa Fenderson, et al. v. Heidi Diaz, Kimkins, Case No. 483005 that Heidi Diaz and Kimkins have engaged in false advertising and fraudulent business practices. The Court found that Defendants Kimkins and Heidi Diaz aka "Kimmer" during the class period, (January 1, 2006 through October 15, 2007, hereinafter "Class Period") have falsely represented the success of the Kimkins diet in that Heidi Diaz, as creator of the Kimkins diet, lied about her representations concerning the amount of weight she lost on the Kimkins diet. The Court also found that the "after diet" images promoted to be Heidi Diaz aka "Kimmer" following the alleged use of her Kimkins diet, posted on the website and advertisements during the Class Period were not Heidi Diaz, but were actually misappropriated images of models who were used to mislead the public into believing that Heidi Diaz aka "Kimmer" was successful in her weight loss. The Court also found that Defendants, Kimkins and Heidi Diaz aka "Kimmer" used false testimonials on the Kimkins website during the Class Period to mislead the public as to the success of the Kimkins diet. The Court also found that Kimkins and Heidi Diaz aka "Kimmer" used misappropriated photographs of 41 models that were used with false testimonials on the website during the Class Period to mislead the public as to the success of the Kimkins diet.


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