Thomas Guerriero, CEO of WMX Group, Inc. Announces Former Consul To The Democratic Republic Of Congo Henri-Alain Baniakina To The Board Of Directors.

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Thomas Guerriero, CEO of WMX Group, Inc. Announces Former Consul To The Democratic Republic Of Congo & President Of The HAB Foundation, Henri-Alain Baniakina To The Board Of Directors.

WMX Group, Inc. (WEX:GR) New Board Member, Henri-Alain Baniakina

Henri-Alain Baniakina is a remarkable contributor to the global good, an expert in international relations, a diplomat, a proven leader, and a great person. It is an honor to have him on our Board at WMX Group, Inc.
- Thomas Guerriero

Thomas Guerriero, CEO of WMX Group, Inc. (WEX on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange) parent company to The World Mercantile Exchange has introduced former Consul to the Democratic Republic of Congo and current President of the HAB Foundation, Henri-Alain Baniakina to the Board of Directors.

Henri Alain Baniakina is one of the most powerful and influential diplomats in the world. The French Diplomat has led United Nations envoys to Darfur in Sudan and Baku Azerbaijan, to spread peace and a introduce a better quality of life for those regions of the world. Henri Alain Baniakina's concern for a better world did not just emerge over night, it has been a life long passion. He has done phenomenally well in building off his stellar academic foundation that had him graduate from some of the top Universities in the world. He graduated from Universite de droit et de sciences politiques de Paris II. He also received a Master Degree in Public Administration from Columbia University, a Master in International Affairs from C.E.D.S. Paris, and a Master degree in Government from Harvard University. He still continues his research in sustainable development at Harvard University.

Henri-Alain Baniakina is fluent in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish. His ability to convey his message throughout the world, with both diplomats and global citizens alike is legendary. His reputation and personal contribution to make the world a better place, will make him a major asset to the Board of Directors. He has served as general honorary consul for the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Rotterdam the Netherlands and for the Republic of Congo to the Hague. At 24 years old, he founded the S.A.F.L. with more than 500 employees globally.

Responding to the economic devastation caused by war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in 2004 he organized a conference at the Hague in the Hotel des Indes with representatives from the Netherlands and the DRC to facilitate Fair Trade agreements.
In 2005, he was an international observer for parliament election in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Since 2008, Henri-Alain Baniakina has dedicated himself to philanthropy and continued public service through the Henri-Alain Baniakina Foundation, which is focused on finding practical and measurable solutions to address pressing challenges in the Republic of Congo.

The HAB Foundation operates in the Republic of Congo-Brazzaville. The Foundation derives its motivation from the urgent need to rebuild Congo-Brazzaville, which has been Henri-Alain Baniakina personal cause after two devastating periods of civil war since the late 1990s. His mission is to empower the local populations in all regions of the country through microfinancing aimed at creating economic fairness and opportunity as well as developing resources for improved access to healthcare and education. The Foundation is dedicated to the utilization of unique ideas to improve the quality of daily life for the people of Congo-Brazzaville. Therefore, the Foundation hires local employees and builds schools and medical clinics for the benefit of the local communities.

There has been no one that has done more for The Republic of Congo than Henri-Alain Baniakina and he shows no signs of letting up. He said, " It is my mission in life to do everything I can over the course of my life to make a difference and leave a legacy of a modernized Republic of Congo and a better tomorrow for everyone."

About The CEO of WMX Group, Inc., Thomas Guerriero

As the Founder and CEO of WMX Group (WEX on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange), Thomas Guerriero located his offices in Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, across the street from where he attended graduate school at Harvard University. “The ethnic and intellectual diversity in Harvard Square is unmatched anywhere in the world. The excitement and support we have felt from the community has been remarkable.” Guerriero brings with him over 13 years of experience in the financial sector, where he led three organizations to increased profitability during his tenure as CEO, leading all three companies to be acquired at a premium. Thomas Guerriero was instrumental in the growth of the retail division of First Union, contributing to the successful merger between First Union and Wachovia, which was the largest banking merger in US banking history. In early 2011 he became an owner of a professional basketball team, with the Springfield Armor in the NBA D League (The NJ Nets affiliate).

WMX Group, Inc. WEX on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Companies

The World Mercantile Exchange - has created the safest and most secure proprietary trading platform for the buying and selling of real agricultural products across the globe, allowing members to achieve revenue growth through globalization without massive upfront investment.

WEX Sports, LLC– At WEX Sports, we have an ownership interest in several professional teams but we are not stopping there. With each day we move one step closer to our dream - becoming the majority owner of our teams from around the world. Whether NBA, NFL, MLB, FIFA, NRL, or any professional sports team we are constantly looking for unique opportunities to get involved at the ownership level.

The Harvard Think Tank, Inc. –WMX recently acquired The Harvard Think Tank, a firm located in Harvard Square, to provide funding to the most elite start up companies in the US. The goal with The Harvard Think Tank is to give people a platform where they can pitch their game-changing idea to those involved with the Think Tank, and if the team likes the pitch, they can provide financing, advice, and assistance in building the venture, like an incubator for new ventures. As a result, The Harvard Think Tank has become the Company's venture capital arm.

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About WMX Group, Inc.

WMX Group, Inc. is a conglomerate holding company which has a vested interest, overseas and manages several subsidiary companies from around the world. The company faces a very stimulating global environment and tremendous growth opportunities. WMX has in the past taken positions in both publicly quoted stocks, but more recently has turned to buying majority interest or whole companies. They now own an interest whether wholly or part, in a diverse range of companies giving them a broad diversification across a plethora of industries. WMX Group, Inc. is an ISO Certified Company who is a member of: The Agricultural & Applied Economics Association, Canadian Agricultural Economics Society, The International Association of Agricultural Economists, International Food and Agribusiness Management Association, Food Distribution Research Society, and The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce.

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