Mineral Resources International Announces 2010-2011 Mineral Harvest

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Harvest Nets 2-3 Year Supply of Anderson’s CMD; More Than One-Year’s Supply of Other Premium Food-Grade Mineral Concentrates

“We are currently holding what looks to be a two- to three- years’ supply of MRI’s most popular and most concentrated product, with over a year’s supply of each of MRI’s other mineral concentrates."

The Anderson family, majority owners of Mineral Resources International, Inc. (“MRI”), the original pioneers of mineral and trace mineral nutrition from Utah’s Great Salt Lake, announces that its 2010-2011 mineral harvest was very good despite weather-related problems early in the season.

“The 2010-2011 harvest season started with a long, wet spring. Early on, it looked like NorthShore might have difficulty naturally concentrating its liquid minerals through solar evaporation. The dedicated workers at NorthShore, the family’s harvesting facility, outdid themselves with the quality and quantity of their work. By the end of the season, we had a harvest of similar size and scope to the past several years,” said Corey Anderson, Managing Partner of NorthShore Limited Partnership.

“We are currently holding what looks to be a two- to three- years’ supply of MRI’s most popular and most concentrated product, with over a year’s supply of each of MRI’s other mineral concentrates, based on previous years’ sales and adjustment for expected growth. We are also bountifully poised for good harvests in 2012 and 2013 with what I estimate to be well over a million gallons of good quality, in-process minerals as we are well into the next season,” added Anderson.

The Anderson Family believes it is the only source of concentrated, low-sodium, Great-Salt-Lake- based mineral concentrates that can be verified to come entirely from facilities that are dedicated to producing product specifically for human consumption. The mission of the Andersons and their companies is to improve global well-being through mineral nutrition and they and their employees work hard to producing the highest quality product to that end.

Now that the harvest is complete, MRI will finalize potency and purity testing, which is conducted at MRI’s in-house quality assurance laboratory as well as independent, third-party labs. This testing is in addition to regular, sometimes daily, tests on the potency and physical characteristics conducted by NorthShore employees at the site.

In addition to potency and purity testing, the full range of minerals that the Anderson’s harvest and sell from the Great Salt Lake are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and pass the U.S. FCC’s heavy metals safety test. MRI is cGMP-certified through NSF International and has recently successfully passed its weeklong cGMP inspection from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration without any negative reports.

For an in-depth look at NorthShore and how the Anderson family crafts and harvests its mineral concentrates, view our [YouTube video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UklQftZiGJg

The Andersons are extremely proud of their natural harvesting operation and would like to re-extend its ongoing invitation to customers, potential customers, and members of the media to contact MRI for an appointment to tour NorthShore.

MRI’s minerals are sold in U.S. premium specialty retail stores as foods and finished dietary supplements under the brand names Anderson’s Concentrated Mineral Drops™, OmniMin™, elete Electrolyte Add-In™, FortiSalt®, which are available direct or through various distributors. For more information about MRI’s finished dietary supplement products, go to: http://www.soluteions.com. To learn more, visit: http://www.mineralresourcesint.com or call 1-800-731-7866.

About Mineral Resources International, Inc.:
Founded as the only legal successor-in-interest to the group of companies originally formed in 1969 by the Anderson family, Mineral Resources International, Inc. (MRI) (http://www.mineralresourcesint.com) specializes in developing, manufacturing, and distributing noteworthy nutritional supplements in liquid, tablet, and powder delivery forms, integrating naturally occurring minerals and trace minerals harvested from Utah’s Great Salt Lake. Through its close relationship with NorthShore Limited Partnership, its exclusive supplier and time-tested, government-inspected, food-grade, solar evaporation mineral harvester on the Great Salt Lake, MRI goes to great lengths to ensure an all-natural, GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) mineral and trace element product while maintaining consistent standardization, concentration, and balance in each lot. MRI manufactures a complete line of innovative dietary supplements ranging from multi-vitamins to targeted nutritional formulas using all-natural ionic minerals. In addition, MRI provides a complete portfolio of premium, all-natural ionic mineral ingredients for use in supplements, functional beverages and foods. MRI’s products are sold worldwide through a variety of distribution channels including natural products, specialty retail stores, and natural health care practitioners.


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