Micro-blogger @saveruoxiaoan Questions Recent Arrest of China Most Famous Prostitute-blogger

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@saveruoxiaoan is a micro-blogger who follows Ms. Ruo XiaoAn on weibo the China Twitter like site since March 2011. Ms. Ruo XiaoAn is a prostitute-blogger with over 200k followers and is claimed as the most literary prostitute in China. On 28th Irish Times (by CLIFFORD COONAN) reported Ruo’s arrest on 24th by police and found out Ruo had over 3000 government officials & scholars names in her cell phone. Later news by China Daily on Sep. 30th quoting Hangzhou police comment Ruo’s a man had micro-blogger @saveruoxiaoan questioned.

Ruo XiaoAn, a prostitute with over 200 thousand followers on her micro-blog, turned down advertising offers by 591Tui.com a social marketing company. Now she is claimed by China police to be a man disguising online as prostitute for money and fame.

Ruo XiaoAn, 22 years old female, lives in Hangzhou, China as a sex worker. She opened her China Micro-blogger account in Jan. 2011 and started recording her life there. As commented by @saveruoxiaoan, “Ruo’s tweets exposing her sorrow life being a prostitute in a society with no justice have gained her fame online.” Till today her followers have reached 244,674 even though all her tweets were deleted after China Daily news report. Her profile information was also changed with her name being kugilygil now.

“News of her arrest, not only shook the cyber world - with her fans appealing for help - but the politicians and educationists in Hangzhou have also been disturbed” as commented in Asiantown News. Followers and @saveruoxiaoan questioned police comments about Ruo XiaoAn being a man as Ruo was arrested on Sep. 24 and police comment of Ruo being a man is on 30th. Police has not returned comments why it takes 6 days to identify Ruo’s gender.

@saveruoxiaoan also offer further picture evidence of Ruo turning down money offers by 591tui.com, a social advertising company. “This would prove that police saying unnamed man disguised as prostitute on weibo for money and fame is questionable. Ruo is not for money or she would already take the money offer by 591tui.” commented by micro-bloger @saveruoxiaoan. “It is possible that the man statement was made to stop people wondering and keep the 3000 name list safe. If that was the case, no one would ever know what happen to Ruo XiaoAn.”

The picture was a screenshot showing many messaging history between Ruo XiaoAn and 591Tui.com Weibo account. One of Ruo’s words was marked in red circle saying “Thanks for your offer, I do need money. But I like Weibo platform and I am happy here. I don’t want other people to see me as speculators.” It is clear Ruo was not for money, and she has captured audience by quarter of a million.

Another screen capture of Ruo's message history with weibo account of 591Tui.com was marked with blue circle, it reads "We have VC investment by China Private Venture. Please consider if you like to live holy life becoming a christian. Also think how much minimum income you need to support your living. We are willing to help you transform your life and achieve your goals through weibo. We can assist you by hiring you as an employee and pay you salary". The message on May 2nd has added new twist to the already mysterious identity. It is unknown if Ruo had ever received money from 591tui.

@saveruoxiaoan has started a campaign calling Ruo XiaoAn’s followers to provide further concrete evidence to protect her from being vanished or wrongfully punished. He also want Ruo XiaoAn be allowed to continue tweeting for her 244,674 fans. Till today, @saveruoxiaoan has gathered support of 44 people. He still has a long way to go.

Ruo XiaoAn’s tweet:

“I made love to him when the Hurricane is about to arrive. Wind blowing through the curtain makes me feel like swinging leaves in the air. Winter is coming close. I am like rotten leaves falling off the tree facing certain death on the ground. Now that he has left, the wind also stopped. The whole afternoon is as quite as my kindergarden’s fall memory. Lying softly in bed, I can hear the sound of time traversing through my body”


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