Mid Carolina Freelance, LLC SEO and Marketing Firm Experiences Continued Growth

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Despite the global economic climate, Mid Carolina Freelance, LLC sees steady growth in most areas of the firm, while some new additions exceed internal expectations.

Given the tough economic situation all over the globe, companies are doing well to maintain. These are the economic conditions that many would describe as "no growth is stability, and stability is better than decline." Many businesses are doing their best to keep their current labor force and keep the company alive. CEOs, and small business owners would be glad to "weather the storm", so to speak. Mid Carolina Freelance SEO and Marketing Firm was no different.

"Our expectations for 2011 were to maintain", stated Bryan P. Hollis, COO of Mid Carolina Freelance, LLC. "The company had many plans on the table - all requiring significant investments of time, money, and other vital resources. We decided to place many of these on hold and take a step back."

With the continued success of their Social Media, Networking, and Bookmarking site, Blog Interact (bloginteract.com), the company decided to challenge the norm. "We have perhaps the best group of A-List bloggers from all around the world. Everyday, we watched these ladies and gentleman post quality information with no hint of fear for economic conditions." This regular positive and professional "vibe" gave Mid Carolina Freelance, LLC the inspiration to move forward.

The company has been in the SEO and Online Marketing industry since late 2007. It developed from a hatchling home-based freelance writing business. "This was during a time when article marketing was the major boon", said Mr. Hollis. "Don't get me wrong, it is still a tremendously strong marketing tool that we use everyday - properly." Since the strong presence and continued growth of Social Media and Social Media Marketing, Mid Carolina Freelance, LLC moved with the market. "Anyone in the online marketing industry knows - no matter what they market - that internet based businesses and their development change almost overnight," continued Mr.Hollis.

Part of their first major decision was to make a long anticipated move to an office park with the infrastructure and advanced IT capabilities that were needed for what was on the business agenda. "This was by far our biggest decision. Our plans included the launch of advanced server technology, as well as being in a more strategic location to do business to business." The move paid-off.

"As a business owner of any kind, you are always putting everything you've worked for and possibly even the position of your employees on-the-line when major decisions and the significant outlay of resources are put at risk." The company still maintains its' anchor business, which is SEO and Online Marketing. However, new sites and infrastructure pushed the company forward.

Mid Carolina Freelance, LLC now had access to the necessary T1 lines and data transfer needed to launch what was previously placed "on hold". "While we didn't take the all or nothing attitude, we did decide to get moving. I have been a business owner for almost 15 years now and one thing I can say is that sitting still won't make it happen," continued Mr. Hollis. "If you can somehow take the attitude that your growth - even if it's slow - will impact the growth of other businesses, you're on the right track."

Soon, Hosts With Support - Advanced Hosting was launched (hostwithsupport.com). "We knew we were facing stiff competition in a virtually saturated industry, but decided that we truly believed in the difference in our core company beliefs, customer satisfaction, and other IT and technology versus price that we could be competitive in this industry." So far this have proven to be the case. "Make no mistake about it, we are not experiencing an influx of customers, but it is moving at the pace it needs to. We see a steady increase in business at a manageable pace. This gives us the opportunity to adjust."

The company's next move will also be in the server industry. Their latest project in-process is 'Email Solutions", which is a low-cost, high deliverability rate for bulk email server needs. "Our anticipated output and capabilities with be in the neighborhood of 20 million delivered emails per month per client. With the server-side infrastructure in place, we are spending more time researching the laws and governance of email privacy, obedience to the CAN-SPAM Act, and more." Mid Carolina Freelance, LLC insists that, like its' SEO and Marketing Firm, they will maintain an "above-board" company that is committed to making clean business decisions.

"You know, some things are just meant to be," stated Mr. Hollis, "We relocated to an office park and our next-door neighbors turned-out to be Palmetto Web Design (palmettowebdesign.com). "We were concerned about the competition at first," laughed Mr. Hollis, "But it turns-out that we compliment each other and learn from each other everyday."

Mid Carolina Freelance, LLC invites everyone to visit them at midcarolinafreelance.com. If you are interested in a top-notch blogging community with highly-skilled site members, join or simply visit Blog Interact today. It's free to join and always will be. If you are interested in a unique web hosting experience, including their "Advanced Shared Hosting", web host reseller (WHM) plans, or Virtual Private Servers, you are encouraged to visit hostwithsupport.com.


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