Finally, an iPad Note Built for the Touchscreen! MagicalPad™ Introduces Freeform Notes for iPad

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It might just be starting a new category of productivity apps. MagicalPad™ brings a fresh approach to notes for iPad, much more than a conventional note-taker, outliner, or mind mapping app. By introducing freeform notes for iPad, MagicalPad users truly make full use of the iPad touchscreen using multi-gestures to freely organize their content.

Freeform iPad Notes

Freeform iPad Notes

Your iPad Note Is Now Free To Move About The Screen

"Your iPad Note is now free to move about the screen" jokingly said Brian, a frequent business-traveler and user of MagicalPad. Users truly make full use of the iPad touchscreen making notes for iPad using MagicalPad more effective than a conventional note-taker, outliner, or mind mapping app. MagicalPad™ provides a better way to take notes, build outlines and checklists while brainstorming, planing projects or running meetings, and helps users communicate more effectively.

Freeform layout puts users in control of their content, they can place and organize notes, outlines and checklists with unprecedented interactivity and flexibility, and seamlessly share them with other users and apps, which drastically expands productivity and enhances structured thinking and decision-making. With thousands of users in the first couple of weeks only, MagicalPad is becoming the iPad note of choice for business users. "This is the best iPad note application for structuring your ideas" said Stacy M, a MagicalPad user.

Sparks Creativity.
MagicalPad™ provides an intuitive visual framework that fosters clarity, innovative thinking and communication to improve business results. It allows users and groups to quickly take notes while brainstorming to keep the flow of ideas coming, then organize them later with drag and drop ease and structure them in a beautiful dashboard-like setting to give every idea the attention it deserves.
With Video mirroring using the iPad HDMI adapter, your HDTV or HD projection screen becomes a bigger version of your MagicalPad to brainstorm, vote for items, rank and prioritize ideas and plans with your team. This makes it great for collaboration and presentation for school and business.

Structures Thoughts.
“Structured thinking demands structured notes” said Adil Berdai, founder of MagicalPad. Users can focus project planning using structured lists to quickly capture and organize stakeholder input, prioritize goals and actions and optimize most valuable resources. With unlimited checklists and outlines on the same page, freeform layout, unlimited hierarchy with expand & collapse and drag & drop features, users have everything in front of their eyes and are able to focus on what’s important and interact with their content like never before.

Enhances Productivity.
Dynamic structured view of the data is what makes MagicalPad unique; we always visualize, consume, share, and think of information in organized structured way. MagicalPad is a note app that delivers on this promise allowing users to take iPad notes the way they think – Naturally.
“The power of this app is in its simplicity - your content is the STAR” said Bouchra Benchekroun, product manager of MagicalPad. The minimalistic white design of MagicalPad lets the app get off the user’s way and enables users to focus on their content. They can just add lists and notes anywhere on the iPad screen and start typing, then worry about formatting and structuring later. Or they can start from a high level outline, then flesh out the details by splitting lists and using drag/drop to move items to where they belong.

Connected to the Cloud.
MagicalPad plays well within the cloud. With impressive sharing options including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs and email, users can easily export their notes in different formats including PDF, OPML, RTF and a native MagicalPad Xchange file format (MPX), which is great for sharing with other MagicalPad users. Enterprise and business users can easily share project and meeting notes; students can seamlessly share class or project notes. “It is magical! I can import a project to MagicalPad from Mindjet, Curio, Merlin, or any other software or app that supports OPML, work on it on my iPad using MagicalPad with great flexibility, then export it back to continue working on it on my laptop” said Ben Nabil, one of the first users of MagicalPad.

MagicalPad™ is available globally for a very low price and may be purchased through iTunes. Visit for more information. You can also view a quick video demo on YouTube

About MagicalPad
MagicalPad is a Massachusetts based start-up provider of innovative mobile and web-based applications for visually organizing and managing information and ideas to drive structured thinking, spark creativity, and enhance business innovation and team effectiveness.


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