How Can Employers Keep Middle Aged Female Employees Healthier and Happier at Work? Let Them Walk and Work with a TrekDesk

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Moderate exercise, such as walking, has been shown to be more effective in keeping middle aged women happier and on a regular exercise regimen than more intense exercise according to a new joint study from Penn State University and Turkey’s Middle East Technical University.

A Standing Desk from TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

The TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

Keeping employees moving during the work day keeps them healthier, happier and more productive. We have to get employees up and moving to win our nation’s current battle with ill health.

A new study from Penn State University has proven that moderate level exercise such as walking is more effective in keeping women happier and engaged in long term physical activity. The challenge is finding enough time in the day to maintain a program of moderate exercise. TrekDesk treadmill desks allow female employees the opportunity to walk the entire day while completing normally sedentary office duties. The results are promising for employees and employers alike.

The joint study from Penn State and Middle East Technical University involved 255 women, 40 to 60 years of age, placed into exercise groups ranging from moderate to intense. The researchers found overwhelming evidence that the women felt happiest at the moderate levels of exercise and were more apt to maintain the exercise program than those in the more intense activity group. The intense activity involved using a treadmill to the point that they could no longer tolerate the exercise. The moderate group also used treadmills for a period of 30 minutes at a pace the women considered moderate.

"The effects we observed were large and moderate intensity is sufficient, in fact, it is optimal. We also hope that clinicians will realize the importance of considering the proper exercise intensity when making recommendations about exercise. Moderate intensity exercise should be recommended for patients who are not meeting physical activity guidelines, or those who may be de-conditioned, overweight or obese," stated Dr. Steriani Elavsky of Penn State University in an interview with Reuters Health.

Maintaining a career and raising a family sans physical activity has led to rising obesity and stress levels among female employees, increasing their risks for depression and obesity related diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancers. Women typically lack the time or energy at the end of the work day to engage in any form of exercise beyond that of household chores.

“Science keeps confirming what most employers should already know: keeping employees moving during the work day keeps them healthier, happier and more productive. We have to get employees up and moving to win our nation’s current battle with ill health,” stated Steve Bordley of TrekDesk Treadmill Desks.

Designed to fit any existing treadmill, TrekDesk is an affordable, full sized workstation that allows individuals the opportunity to gain the necessary amount of exercise daily to maintain health, prevent disease, strengthen muscles, boost mood and productivity, without requiring additional time during the day or extra motivation.

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