London Conference to Discuss "Sinister Networks" of Politicians and Lobbyists

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A London conference on State and Corporate Crimes against Democracy (SCADS) takes place on Saturday October 15, organised by Reinvestigate 911 and sponsored by Coffee Plant. An international range of experts will discuss whether the rise of New Labour, the death of David Kelly, the London bombings or the 9/11 attacks involved SCADS. The conference will discuss how SCADs can be investigated and if necessary prosecuted in a media environment with little room for traditional investigative journalism, and a political environment where power is ever more centralised.

Speaker Ian Henshall is the author of one of the most widely cited books on the 9/11 attacks

Sinister networks of politicians and lobbyists are working behind the cover of state secrecy to undermine democratic safeguards

A conference to be held in London on Saturday October 15 will discuss the new concept of SCADS - state and corporate crimes against democracy - and to what extent it it can be used to explain events like the invasion of Iraq or even the 9/11 attacks.

Conference organisers, Reinvestigate 911, say the invasion of Iraq is a clear example of a SCAD, a term coined by academics writing in The American Behavioral Scientist. Nick Clegg, speaking as Deputy Prime Minister in the House of Commons, Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary general at the time, and most international legal experts agree the Iraq invasion was illegal. Nonetheless a small network led by Blair and Bush imposed its will on a reluctant establishment using consistently distorted intelligence. (notes 1,2,3)

At the conference speakers from the UK and abroad will discuss evidence that other key events could involve SCADS. Topics include the shocking new charges from White House and FBI whistleblowers Richard Clarke and Ali Soufan against key CIA figures over the 9/11 attacks, the shadowy millionaires behind the rise of New Labour, the death of Dr David Kelly, and the case of Mohammed Junaid Barbar a ringleader of the London 7/7 bombings now walking free after showing "exceptional co-operation" with the CIA. (notes 4,5,6)

There will also be discussion of what can be done to prevent and prosecute SCADS, and whether changes in the media environment have put too many constraints on the sort of investigative journalism that led in the past to the exposure of SCADs like the Watergate scandal or the Iran-contra affair.

Reinvestigate 911 say public dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs seems high, citing a recent ICM poll which showed many suspect that rogue operatives in the CIA had a hand in the 9/11 attacks and only 7% agreed strongly they had been told the full story. A similar poll in France found even more hostile attitudes.

The commercial sponsor of the conference is Coffee Plant, chosen last week by Mary Portas in the Evening Standard as an example of a successful independent retailer, selling organic and Fairtrade coffee by mail order from its well known shop in Portobello Road. Coffee Plant has paid most of the costs of a full page advert to appear in The Independent early next week. Ads for the conference will also appear in New Statesman, New Internationalist and the Morning Star. (note 7)


Canadian Professor Anthony Hall (author of Earth into Property, Independent's book of the year, Christmas 2010) criticises a school of US foreign policy which has always demonised people whose territory and resources they intend to take over, often using false evidence.

Bridget Dunne, of the J7 investigation into the London bombings, will examine the paper trail linking the alleged bombers to ringleaders who have links to MI6 and the CIA.

Tim Gopsill was editor of The Journalist for many years until he retired recently. (note 8)

David Halpin will report on the latest evidence and moves to force a judicial review of the Home Secretary's decision to have no inquest into the the death of Dr David Kelly.

Danish Professor, Niels Harrit, interviewed in the 9/11 BBC Conspiracy Files, will explain the significance of iron spheres and nanothermite chips in the dust from the World Trade Centre.

Ian Henshall, author of 9/11 The New Evidence will discuss the recent ICM poll and whistleblower statements.

Robin Ramsay, author of The Rise of New Labour, editor of investigative magazine Lobster, will discuss the sinister millionaires and the money trail behind the rise of New Labour.

Scott Forbes lost many colleagues in 9/11, and has specific questions, still unanswered. (note 9)

Paul Warburton is a human rights lawyer trying to force the BBC to obey the law on impartiality in its 9/11 reporting.


Venue: 4th Floor Studios 255 Commercial Road E1 2BT.
Tube: Shadwell, Aldgate East, Shoreditch. Many bus routes incl 15, 115, 135

£10 in advance (concs £8). To book call our commercial sponsor Coffee Plant in office hours 0208 453 1144. £15 on the door (concs £12)


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9. Scott Forbes is still seeking an explanation for some extraordinary activities at the WTC in the weeks before the attacks.


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