Today Honorbright Books Launches “Iowa Nice: Genial Jokes for a Gentle People” with a "Positive Spin" Joke Contest to Prove That Nice Can Be Rollicking Good Fun

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The author brings the New Civility to the field of gag writing by holding Iowans up as shining examples of the American ideal. How nice are Iowans? They count their change to make sure the cashier won't be short at the end of the day. Iowans are so nice that they wouldn't dream of leaving out the special ingredient on the recipe. Even their dogs are nice and put the seat back down after taking a drink. Iowa cats come when called. Iowa kids bicker quietly by passing notes.

Iowa Nice is a wonderful example for parents to show children what real humor is all about." – Harry W. Winkler Jr., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

For 30 years humor columnist Ron Wiggins has been extolling Iowans in the only way it can be done without them running blushing from the room: by making a joke of their natural born, corn-fed adorability. When Iowans 1,700 miles from Florida got wind of Wiggins tom-foolery, they begged for more.

Now Wiggins has published a joke collection - Iowa Nice: Genial Jokes for a Gentle People (Honorbright Books, 102 pages, $10), distributed by Ingram Books and Baker & Taylor. To order visit or buy the $3 Kindle edition through Amazon.

Wannabe joke writers can find a sampling of Iowa Jokes at, or read excerpts below and write the author at [email protected] Winners will receive his and her "Corny Smile T-shirts . Original publishable jokes will receive author credit and a "Corny Smile" button or key fob. Contest deadline: Nov. 30.

Q: How can you tell you have just watched the Miss Iowa Pageant?
A: One winner and 19 Miss Congenialities.
-Iowa kids are in bed at 8 except on wash night when they beg to stay up to watch the spin cycle.
-Iowans are so unassuming they won’t assume a 4 percent mortgage unless the bank throws in a toaster.
-Iowans are so trusted that the Iowa I.O.U. is legal currency in 67 countries.
-Iowans are so unstressed that doctors take blood pressure by consulting tide tables..

About the author: Ron Wiggins wrote for the Palm Beach Post for 33 years where his humor column won first and third places in Florida Society of Newspaper Editors competition. His other two books, Weird Snacks and The First Book of Last Times is available at and Amazon.

Ron Wiggins developed a sandspur-peanut hybrid that resulted in peanut butter that really sticks to the roof of your mouth.


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