New Tall Lifeguard Chairs Improved to Help Save Lives

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Lifeguard Store USA releases its new and improved tall lifeguard chairs. The purpose of improved, tall lifeguard chairs is to help save lives.

New, tall lifeguard chairs were released by Lifeguard Store USA to help saves lives.

On September 20th, 2011 the new and improved tall lifeguard chair was released. Lifeguard Store USA, also known as Lifeguard Master saw the need to improve its tall lifeguard chair. Better, tall chairs are extremely important because they are a great tool in helping to save lives as they aid the lifeguard in having a perfect bird’s eye view of the water.

The new features of the tall chair include a new design for a more a comfortable seat, so the lifeguard stays awake and alert while on duty. Lifeguard Master also included a better no-slip step, so when the lifeguard stands on his chair, he or she is standing on a firm no slip surface. Then the lifeguard is ready to spring into action if need be.

In a busy place, all chairs should be at least 60 inches high or more. That is 60 inches from the ground to the seat of the chair. The height of the chairs is measured from the ground to the seat of the chair. Lifeguard Master’s new chair is 66 inches tall. Some examples of tall lifeguard chairs can be seen at:

The owner of lifeguard Master, Sammy was a lifeguard for 7 years. He understands the importance of improving its tall chairs, and why tall chairs are so effective. For one, the lifeguard, being higher up, can view deeper into the water. In a swimming pool, the lifeguard can even see at the bottom, as accurate scans of the bottom are essential for lifeguarding and dramatically increases safety as the entire water area from top to bottom can be better seen.

Another reason why tall chairs are needed in a busy pool or beach is when patrons walk by on the deck or sand, the lifeguard is in a position to see well past their heads and into the water where all the action is. This way, there are no distractions, and the lifeguard can focus all of his or her energy on the water.

Yet another reason that tall lifeguard towers are important is because if anyone needs to find the lifeguard in an emergency, all the person has to do is look up and see the chair. The by stander can then call out to the lifeguard sitting on it. Now, stander bys can quickly know who to go to, and they can quickly inform the lifeguard of the emergency.

One last reason a tall lifeguard tower is beneficial in a busy place is because it establishes authority. It enforces the concept of the lifeguard being in charge of the entire pool, even the deck in a pool area or the sand on the beach. So as soon as the patrons walk through the entrance in the pool area or beach, that is the lifeguard's domain. He or she has authority on the pool or beach side. And everyone knows it with the tall lifeguard chair. Some examples of tall lifeguard stands can be found at:

So when is a small lifeguard chair needed? A smaller lifeguard stand is needed if the pool area is small. And the lifeguard does not need to look over anyone while watching the water. Usually small chairs go in apartment complex swimming pools of 10 or less people, meaning 10 or less people swimming at one time.

Lifeguard Master’s chairs have lasted for 20 years in the ocean side, and they are still going strong even after all the outdoor and ocean elements. These stands, chairs and towers are perfect for swimming pools, lakes or beach front properties. Please give us a call or visit us at:

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