Interview With DACELL, Load Cell and Torque Sensor Manufacturer

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DACELL Co., Ltd., a South Korean company specialized in manufacturing load cell and torque sensor, had an interview with FA Journal, Korea's leading media in industrial automation field, of their recent success in the industrial scale business field.

DACELL Co., Ltd., a South Korean company specialized in manufacturing load cell and torque sensor, has been focusing on developing load cell for more than 20 years. Today DACELL has grown to a company that exports its products to over 50 countries worldwide.

On October 7th, 2011 at DACELL's headquarter in Chung-Buk, Cheongwon-Gun in Korea, Mr. Shin, Hyeong Gyun the CEO of DACELL had an interview with FA Journal, Korea’s leading media in industrial automation field, and shared how they recently became a successful company in load cell markets.

Following are excerpts from the interview.

FA Journal Reporter (hereinafter ‘FA’) : What products does DACELL deal with?

Mr. Shin : The list of main products witnesses the history of DACELL having developed its load cells and torque sensors. With the resolve of producing only best products, it has achieved success after success in high-precision measuring instruments through numerous trials and errors. Long-term accumulated know-how and experiences have allowed the foundation of the company having as many as 30 product groups. Typical groups include load cells, torque sensors, multi-axial sensor, indicators, signal amplifiers, displacement sensors, push-pull gauges, and so on. These products of painstaking research and development have enjoyed favorable recognition in quality excellence.

FA : What was the background behind the development of load cells?

Mr. Shin : The first item was load cells for the electronic scale, which was followed by industrial load cells. Load cells are sensors essential for measuring force and weight; while they are definitely an essential component, there existed no products suitable for domestic conditions of Korea. Because the market had undergone quick changes in the trend, we had to expand our product groups through benchmarking.

We could ship products that had required long trials and errors of us to China, Middle East, and South East Asia from the year when they came out onto the market. Foreign markets recognized their excellent performance from the beginning. The start of the export catalyzed a drive for the development of next products in line, including multi-axial sensors, torque sensors, high-speed indicators. The reasons why DACELL could grow into a load cell specialty company are that it could read changes in the trend of the markets earlier and utilize its know-how and technologies more effectively.

FA : What items does DACELL develop recently?

Mr. Shin : DACELL has been in the middle of developing wireless crane scale load cells and digital load cells. It has succeeded in manufacturing indicators and mounting them on the load cell, the testing of which has been completed and waiting for launching on the market. It now has 6-axis load cell testers that can measure the forces of x, y, and z axes and the torques of three directions; and, it marketed upgraded 6-axis load cells that can measure the forces and torques of three directions simultaneously.

Furthermore, it owns testers for load cells that are specially designed for a customer’s requirements, and testers that can test low-capacity load cells that measure a force of 100g as well as of 1,000 tons. In addition, it is the only Korean company which manufactures torque sensor testers that can measure up to 10,000kgf-m, which shows its technological expertise as a torque sensor specialty company. These new products will bring in high sales turnover in the future.
DACELL will be determined to invest time and energy on continuous analyses and research on force sensors that have not been developed domestically.

FA : What are DACELL’s marketing strategies that other competitors cannot copy?

Mr. Shin : Manufacture of high quality products that meet customers’ demands must be a fundamental and best strategy to target a market. In a nutshell, workmanship lies in the production of best products that satisfy customers.

DACELL has two competiveness in which it pride itself. They are the specialization of make-to-order practice and the maintenance of an array of high-performance, low-priced products. DACELL has claimed significant portions of the market shares in Japan and Europe as a result of the participation in fierce competition, while it finds an enormous potential in the domestic market that has been being formed lately.

The development period of new items changes very fast. That doesn’t mean that they cease to exist, but that new items that may change the trend spring up one after another on the market every day. Like the development of 3-axis load cells in response to customer needs in the wake of 2-axis load cells, we think a successful development of products that meet market trends in a timely manner will be the basic indicator for a company which takes the lead in the market.

FA : What industrial areas and geographical regions does DACELL want to find markets in?

Mr. Shin : As explained before, multi-axial load cells have been utilized positively in the robotics field because they detect the directions toward which direction a biped robot apply or receive forces and help maintain balance in walking. We are also expecting to find a new potential in the intelligent robot market. We may be able to conduct a research in which rotational power is measured through the data on multidirectional forces which are obtained during driving by multi-axial sensors attached to the wheels of a vehicle. DACELL’s product groups have been applied in such diverse areas.

Furthermore, we will press aggressively forward to find markets in foreign countries this year. All the certifications DACELL has earned so far will give momentum and act to our advantage to target such markets. We have shipped our products to more than 50 countries the world over including China, Russia, the UK, the USA, Belgium, Turkey, Portugal, Morocco, and India, where we have received favorable recognition in our quality.

The conclusion of FTAs with the USA and the EU will signal a rush of related product groups into the Korean domestic market. We are planning to obtain the ‘Korea-EU’s temporary certificate for country-of-origin certified exporter by item’ in preparation for the coming opening of the market and develop a counter-rush plan taking advantage of high-performance low-priced products. Technology is the source of our competitiveness.


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