“Current Events Echo Storyline of New Thriller Novel” - DEMON DAYS - Angel of Light [Source: Lono Publishing]

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Authors of a new book had a problem that few fiction writers ever face – current events in the real world started to echo the storyline of their new novel. [Source: Lono Publishing]

Are you watching this on the news… are you following what’s happening? It’s just like your book!

Writers of a new book had a problem that few fiction writers ever face – current events in the real world started to echo the storyline of their new novel.    

Authors Richard Finney & D.L. Snell intended to follow up their critically acclaimed first book with a much more ambitious novel, "DEMON DAYS – Angel of Light." They succeeded with a finished manuscript of over 220,000 words. The print version of the book will end up weighing in at nearly three pounds and over 900 pages. The authors dedicated over two years to writing the suspense/thriller novel about an ancient document seemingly prophesizing strange and deadly occurrences in the modern world.

But problems began to occur during the long writing process when fictitious events in their book were seemingly starting to happen in the real world! “A section of our novel had already been written about sinister and violent events that take place in Syria,” explained co-author Finney. “Over a year later, the ‘Arab Spring’ broke out and we were both wondering if it would spread to that country. And of course it eventually did!”

"DEMON DAYS – Angel of Light" is a gripping and thought-provoking action novel focusing on Jenna Grant, a gifted paleographer who unknowingly becomes part of a worldwide conspiracy when she is asked by her brother to authenticate a medieval artifact. It puts her in the middle of a shocking and perilous pursuit that crosses three continents as she tries to stop a source of evil from taking over the world.

“For the centerpiece of our story we had specifically chosen a real historical artifact, the Codex Gigas, also known as ‘the Devil’s Bible,’” co-author Snell points out. “We were making every effort to ground our novel’s plot in reality.”

The so-called “Devil’s Bible” was created during medieval times by a monk who had actually been accused of being possessed by Satan. After its creation, the book, which is now housed in a museum in Sweden, had a very colorful… and violent history. Mysteriously, some pages of the manuscript were ripped out and hidden away, never to be seen again… until events in "DEMON DAYS: Angel of Light" imagine the pages resurfacing in the modern world.

Finney and Snell ominously refer to the mysterious missing artifact in their novel as “the Black Pages.” “We created this storyline,” said Snell, “but we never imagined real events helping us out in making the plot of our book seem almost prophetic.”

First there were the earthquakes in Chile and Haiti that occurred while the authors had already written about their own devastating trembler shaking up their novel.

“The earthquake was one of the major set pieces in our plot. We had designed the disaster as an ‘opportunity’ for the novel’s evil antagonist who exploits the chaos, misery and body count to create his own personal instruments of mass destruction,” explains Snell. “But the choice of the setting for our earthquake was strictly driven by our plot – it had to be a country in the Middle East – and we wanted a location that had a long history of earthquakes. We chose Syria. At the time it wasn’t in the international news and the country certainly was not in the spotlight concerning violence, death and destruction.”

Many months later, while the authors were wrapping up work on the novel, Syria had become a daily fixture on TV, the Internet and newspapers across the world. And Finney saw another weird parallel to their storyline and reality – “In 'DEMON DAYS: Angel of Light,' the earthquake’s epicenter is the city of Aleppo. As it now turns out, Aleppo is the only city in Syria not participating in the country’s revolt against the government.”

The collision between fictional events and real life events doesn’t end there.

The novel’s shocking storyline involves a plot to bring about the destruction of a major international landmark, and a focal point for all three major religions. The authors were proofing the galleys on the book when events in the final part of the book were suddenly being echoed by headlines that political talk show host Glenn Beck was making with his controversial speeches while touring Israel.

“Now I’m not going to give away any plot spoilers to my own book,” said Finney, “but I will admit that at the time I couldn’t help thinking it was as if Beck had just read "DEMON DAYS: Angel of Light' while on the plane taking him to the Middle East.”

Both authors will be very excited… and relieved to finally have their labor of love out of their hands and into the hands of fans who crave twisty, unpredictable suspense/thriller/supernatural fiction.

“People who had read early drafts of the book were contacting us saying ‘Are you watching this on the news… are you following what’s happening? It’s just like your book!’” says Finney.

Snell even had his mother in a panic about his literary effort. “She was only halfway through the novel and she calls me up saying, ‘You guys have to get this book out there now. The stuff you’re writing about is happening! Why aren’t people reading this?!’ I told her, ‘Mom, we’ve done our job; now it’s up to the publisher!’”

The whole process ended up creeping Finney out. “We’ve written about Nostradamus in both of the books we authored together and here we were feeling a little bit like oracles ourselves.”


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